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SAME reaffirms its commitment to specialised tractors and the medium open field range

Following in the best of Italian traditions, the SAME brand is appearing at SIMA in Paris with a range focused on specialised and medium-power tractors.


Its flagship is the Frutteto CVT range, which offers the first specialist tractor equipped with technology for 4-wheel steering in vineyards and orchards. The new 115 HP Frutteto CVT ActiveSteer option allows work to be carried out in tight areas, ensuring manoeuvrability, steering quality and significantly better turning radius than a traditional machine, while maintaining the same track and wheelbase as traditional rear axle versions. Thanks to the new rear axle, the rear wheels can now also achieve a steering angle of 20° and their position is controlled by an electronic control unit that allows the operator to select different operating modes. The proportional mode enables the rear wheels to move in sync with the front ones, drastically reducing the turning radius, but without adversely affecting the machine's stability. 'Crab' mode, useful when contour ploughing along the lines of a slope or with forklifts in confined spaces, makes it possible to angle the rear wheels in the same direction as the front ones. In delayed mode, steering is proportional to that of the front wheels, but with a slight delay. This mode is handy for towed trailers that as a result follow the tractor in front of them, without excessively tightening the turning radius. In addition to these three automated control modes, the steering angle of the rear wheels can be adjusted manually, and also locked at will to compensate for slipping downstream of the sloping rear axle or locked in a central position for road transport.

The very advanced technology of the Frutteto tractors is also visible in the brand new Frutteto CVT 100 V which comes with the active suspension of the hydropneumatic front axle with independent wheels, with the ISOBUS, with the new MaxCom armrest, with the innovative continuously variable transmission, and a with a completely redesigned cab. The FARMotion engine was designed specifically for agriculture and comes with a modular hydraulic system that can be equipped with a Load Sensing pump capable of delivering 100 l/min even with the engine at just 1850 rpm, as well as the electronically controlled rear, front and centre valves that can be programmed for priority and timing. The new CVT transmission combines the high efficiency of a mechanical transmission with the driving comfort of a hydrostatic transmission, providing fluidity, efficiency and comfort of use both in the field and on the road.

Thanks to its small size, with a width from a minimum of 1077 mm to a maximum of 1293 mm, the Frutteto CVT 100 V is the most agile tractor in the SAME Frutteto range. The new cabs offer excellent habitability, very high comfort, many options for configuring them to your liking and a level of technology that is unparalleled in the industry. The new highly ergonomic MaxCom armrest means that all the main functions of the machine are at your fingertips, to make it even quicker and more straightforward to manage the machine as well as the tools connected to it. The new cabs, with a completely flat platform, have shaped mudguards for low or high wheels and are available with class IV approval for maximum protection of the operator in plant protection treatments. The new roof module, which can be raised at the rear to increase upward visibility, includes an air-conditioning system and state of the art LED work lights.

SAME has updated its offer in the 'utility' tractor segment with the new Model Year 2019 (MY19) versions of the EXPLORER LD and MD. In addition to FARMotion Stage III B compliant engines, the upgrade includes a dual pump hydraulic system capable of delivering up to 90 l/min of oil to the lift and rear valves, a new gear control that improves the precision of the couplings and a front lift with a new coupling geometry and greater lifting capacity. The new EXPLORER 110 MD is an exceptional tractor due to its weight/power ratio, suitable for open field, farm or front loader work.

The FARMotion 4-cylinder turbo intercooler engine with common-rail injection delivers up to 113 hp, and the different types of equipment adapt to all the demands of any farm.

The basic version of the transmission comes with a synchronised mechanical gearbox that can employ up to a maximum of 20+20 speeds. The upper level sees the addition of a "Hi-Lo", a simple powershift that doubles the ratios available both forwards and backwards, and allows for an increase (or decrease) in speed without having to operate the clutch. The top configuration includes a 3-stage powershift, thanks to which up to 60+60 gears are available. The various solutions can then be equipped with either a mechanical shuttle (LS versions) or a hydraulic SenseClutch shuttle (GS versions).

The PTO offers all four speeds present on the market (540/540ECO/1000/1000ECO), in addition to the PTO synchronised to the gearbox with an independent output shaft.

Systems such as the Stop&Go, modulation of the responsiveness of the hydraulic shuttle, the ComfortClutch clutch and the SDD rapid steering system improve the handling and versatility of the new Explorer MY19.

The 'company' segment's excellence can be seen in the new Dorado 100.4, a versatile, compact and highly manoeuvrable tractor, which is presented at SIMA in Paris updated with the new bonnet inline with the latest SAME family feeling and Stage III B compliant FARMotion engines. These power units are equipped with high pressure Common Rail injection systems that provide high performance, constant power and continuous torque curves even at low rpm. Particularly suitable for work in both the open field as well as confined spaces, ideal for all those jobs that require a high degree of safety and in hill or mountain work, Dorado offers state-of-the-art technology combined with superior comfort. Also, its wide variety of equipment and the option of either 2- or 4-wheel drive, confirm it as a tractor suited to the most varied needs. The different gearbox configurations enhance its versatility, efficiency and practicality of use: from the mechanical 30+15 gearbox to the 3-stage Powershift for a total 45 forward and reverse speeds. For greater safety and precision when manoeuvring, all models equipped with a hydraulic shuttle (GS) also come with the Stop&Go system, which makes it possible to stop the tractor simply by using the brake pedal and then to resume driving fluidly and smoothly. It handles brilliantly on the road too thanks to the Overspeed solution, which also allows for a speed of up to 40 km/h at low rpm. Dorado stands out for its exceptional comfort.

The four-post cab suspended on Silent-Blocks, offers excellent visibility in all directions and a comfortable and ergonomic interior with fingertip controls. The driver's seat comes with an air suspension system that adapts perfectly to the weight and height of the driver. The hydraulic system, designed for the highest efficiency and versatility, uses a 54 l/min pump and three 6-way auxiliary valves with flow regulator. The three PTO speeds allow for the use of any equipment with high yields and low operating costs. The rear, electronically controlled lift can support up to 3600 kg. A new 2100 Kg front lift and 1000 rpm front PTO are also available as options.

Source: SAME, SDF