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Alimak Hek introduces the latest in mast climbing work platforms

Alimak Hek introduces the latest generation of mast climbing work platforms with the launch of the new HEK MC 650 and HEK MC 450. These platforms provide a robust and flexible access solution, while balancing performance, quality and efficiency in all types of façade work. As the newest addition to Alimak Hek’s expanding product portfolio, the HEK MC 650 and 450 deliver simplicity of operation and ease of installation at a highly competitive price.


Alimak Hek has been a leader in the manufacture and supply of mast climbing work platforms for more than 45 years. The new HEK MC 650 and 450 work platforms continue to deliver on the Company’s commitment to quality, productivity and safety, offering an efficient work platform solution at a competitive market price.

Designed to provide flexible access to façades, improved movement of goods and materials, and a stable and clear workspace, Alimak Hek’s mast climbing work platforms offer the perfect logistical solution for even the most challenging sites. Quick installation and dismantle, minimal site interruption (compared to traditional scaffolding), and improved efficiency in the loading and unloading of materials ensures increased productivity and the resulting time and cost savings.

Both platforms are available in a single or twin configuration, and offer adjustable platform lengths and widths for ultimate flexibility on site. The HEK MC 450 is capable of carrying loads up to 4,500 kg, and offers platforms lengths from 10-30 m. The HEK MC 650 will support an even higher capacity, with details to be announced at a later date.

The HEK MC 650 and 450 were designed with operator safety and usability in mind. The platforms’ robust design and easy-to-use control system, combined with their ability to position materials and personnel at precision heights, make them the ideal façade access solution. Increased anchor distances and no interference from scaffolding poles and structures ensures a reliable, comfortable and open workspace for site personnel.

Platform components are hot-dip galvanized in accordance with the latest international manufacturing standards. Both the HEK MC 650 and MC 450 are compatible with 650 and 450 masts and accessories respectively, enabling increased fleet owner utilization of existing construction hoist, materials hoist and transport platforms components.

Both the HEK MC 650 and MC 450 will be demonstrated for the first time at bauma 2016. The HEK MC 450 is currently available for order. The HEK MC 650 will be made available for order at bauma 2016. 

Source: Alimak Group Sweden AB