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Alimak’s new transport platform provides our customers with a competitive edge for compact building projects

Alimak is extending its light range with the introduction of a new single mast transport platform – TPL 1000. Its flexible, robust and simple design makes it ideal for all vertical access solutions, including direct to buildings and scaffoldings, for new construction or for refurbishment work. The TPL 1000 is designed to offer the most cost efficient vertical transport solution on site. Each unit has dual functionality and can be used as a transport platform or material hoist.


For 70 years, Alimak has been one of world’s leading suppliers of rack and pinion elevators, construction hoists, mast climbing work platforms and transport platforms for a whole range of industries from construction, wholesale and distribution through to oil rigs and power. The designers of the new TPL 1000 have applied the same level of technology in developing this smaller transport platform, but at a cost which is affordable for smaller projects.

Safety is paramount with all Alimak machines. The new transport platform conforms to the latest safety standards and features an overload protection device and over speed safety device which not only ensures safety of the operator, but also prolongs the working life of the machine.

The TPL 1000 has a payload capacity of 1000 kg both in transport platform and material mode. The model has been designed to be flexible with interchangeable parts such as mast sections tie frames of other transport platforms in Alimak’s light range, which makes them quick and easy to erect and dismantle, although it is extremely robust in build. The unit has dual functionality and by operating a simple changeover key switch on the electric control panel, and fitting the roof section, it can be used both as a transport platform or a material hoist.

One of the key benefits of these flexible lightweight transport platforms is that they have much smaller base frames for the platform size. This means they can be manoeuvred into very narrow places whilst the integral levelling screw jack ensures that the base frame is levelled quickly and easily.

The transport platforms can be used for all vertical building access requirements with or without scaffolding, for new constructions or refurbishment. The platforms offer many ramp and gate options whilst the folded and perforated steel plate floor provides a rigid anti-slip surface for both workers and materials. All surfaces are hot dip galvanised which means they won’t corrode, minimising maintenance costs and prolonging the life of the product in tough construction environments.

Ties and fastening pipes can be fixed to the scaffolding or the wall and these can be positioned at intervals of up to 7.5m, which makes it easy and safe to span three floors of a building or a scaffold. The cable guide ensures that the power and control cables are kept in the correct position and returns to the cable basket during operation. This ensures greater safety, particularly in windy conditions. The landing gates feature electric and mechanical interlock and comply with the latest provisions of the Machine Directive.

Alimak’s Keith Hancock, Product Manager Material, Working and Permanent Platforms explained why they are adding this new transport platform to its existing portfolio. Hancock commented: “The addition of the new platform provides a range of transport platforms with capacity from 300 kg to 2000 kg, with 7 different machines with 6 platform variations which offers customers greater flexibility from a single mast utilization.“

Source: Alimak Group Sweden AB