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Alimak Hek launches new quick-install tower crane lift

Alimak Hek introduces the new ALIMAK TCL tower crane lift. Designed for installation on all existing tower crane brands and systems, the ALIMAK TCL maximizes crane utilization by providing reliable and smooth crane cab access. The ALIMAK TCL offers fast external installation, easy retrofitting with no mast modifications, and comfortable and reliable access for crane operators, technicians and maintenance personnel.


The ALIMAK TCL boasts an innovative new design that offers the fastest external installation currently available on the market. This design allows for a greater tie distance, which can be adapted to the specific tower crane mast platform for a tailored installation. As a result, fewer ties are required, reducing the total lift assembly time and minimizing potential crane downtime.

Adjustable for external installation on all tower cranes, the ALIMAK TCL utilizes a compact mast and rack made of durable galvanized steel. This flexible mast and rack system enables easy assembly with centering notches and captive bolts. Flexible and modular tie-ins are capable of fixing the lift car to all of the existing crane mast systems.

The ALIMAK TCL is designed with operator safety, comfort and usability in mind. Capable of transporting a maximum of two passengers (200 kg) at a time, the lift provides a fast, ergonomic and all-weather alternative to traditional crane ladders. With lifting speeds of 24 m/minute, the ALIMAK TCL minimizes travel time for crane operators and service personnel, thereby maximizing crane working time.

With no modifications to crane masts required, the ALIMAK TCL is simple to retrofit to existing tower crane systems and is fully compliant with ‘EN 81-43: Lifts for Cranes’ safety requirements. The ALIMAK TCL offers mechanical, electrical interlocked doors. A reversible cab enables these doors to be located on the left or right, to suit a variety of tower crane systems and site needs.

The new ALIMAK TCL tower crane lift made its debut on the international market during a recent Open Day at Alimak Hek’s premises in Paris, France. The ALIMAK TCL is currently available for order, and a model will be available for demonstration at bauma 2016.

Visit Alimak Hek at bauma 2016, Munich, Germany, April 11-17, 2016 - Stand No. FS.1102/10, open air area

Source: Alimak Group Sweden AB