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Alimak Hek maximizes productivity and safety with Scando 650 upgrade

Alimak Hek delivers a 2016 upgrade on the Alimak Scando 650, one of the world’s most popular construction hoist concepts and the preferred solution for efficient construction logistics. The new Alimak Scando 650 model improves upon the classic Scando 650 concept, adding significant value to any new hoist investment. Improved safety, productivity and ride comfort, combined with the flexibility and efficiency Scando 650’s are renowned for, make this new 2016 model the ultimate lifting choice for both construction and rental companies.


The new Alimak Scando 650 incorporates all the benefits of the existing Scando 650 modular hoist concept, while delivering innovations and improvements in system accessibility, convenience, safety and productivity. In addition to mechanical, structural and operational upgrades, the Scando 650 has undergone a design facelift, with the addition of modern fittings for a contemporary new look and feel.

The Scando 650 is designed with user ease and accessibility in mind, offering real-time hoist intelligence and detailed fault tracking via a large-display control panel. This user-friendly interface provides up-to-date metrics on actual hoist payload, current landing location, fault status (including improved fault tracing for Variable Frequency Control units) and high wind warnings (as an optional extra).

Available in a 10-inch LCD display, this modernized control panel system offers interface control for service technicians via a smartphone app. The Scando 650’s A3 Remote Monitoring System has also received a revamp, with an all-new computer, tablet and smart-phone friendly web interface for improved accessibility, flexibility and operator ease of use.

The upgraded Scando 650 offers increased safety for technicians during installation, dismantle and maintenance, with the addition of safety harness anchor points. A car roof hatch with an easy-to-use locking mechanism ensures the hatch automatically locks when closed, while a damper secures the hatch in the open position during roof works. The addition of an enclosure service hatch provides greater accessibility during installation and dismantling of the base frame, thereby reducing installation time and increasing user safety.

The Scando 650 is built to withstand the toughest site transport demands. The addition of fortified car doors and strengthened aluminum flooring allows for larger car sizes (up to 5 m in length) to be offered without the need for a reinforced frame. The Scando 650’s strengthened vertical sliding and bi-parting doors are both easy to open and light to handle. These more robust car doors, combined with reinforced aluminum flooring, enable the transportation of higher payload capacities than ever before on even the largest hoist cars within the standard Scando 650 modular range.

Increased productivity on site, improved logistics and the safer movement of materials is achieved through a combination of a larger door opening and an extension cage option. An increased door opening height of 20 cm (to a total height of 220 cm) allows for the transportation of larger and more bulky goods, while an extension cage option on the car roof increases the height of the hoist car to enable the movement of extra-long items (up to a maximum length of 4 m). With an optimized high-efficiency gearbox and Variable Frequency Control Unit, the Scando 650 now offers more hoist power, greater reliability and improved user comfort.

The upgraded Scando 650 delivers faster installation, dismantling and jumping than ever before. An improved telescopic mast tie design enables adjustment of the tie length, making it easily adapted for installation against vertical pipe systems. This compact design allows for ease of handling and transportation, and is perfectly compatible with existing Scando 650 hoist models for increased utilization of existing machine accessories. Alimak Hek-designed online tools are available for simple calculation of tie forces and load curves, saving valuable on time on site and optimizing the relationship between the hoist payload capacity and lifting height for increased productivity and savings.

Available in either a single or dual car configuration, the Alimak Scando 650 modular system offers payload capacities from 1,500 kg to 3,200 kg, and speeds of up to 100 m/min. The new Alimak Scando 650 will be available for demonstration at bauma 2016.

Source: Alimak Group Sweden AB