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All-round talents for higher goods handling performance

STILL’s OPX series of order pickers offers a truck to match every application


When developing STILL’s new OPX series of order-pickers, the focus was on greater efficiency and fatigue-free working through cleverly devised ergonomic improvements. The total of nine new order pickers and a new tugger truck not only replace the existing series but also supplement it with additional models. With this unique range of variants on the market, and many new features, STILL intends in future to offer its customers a truck to match almost every application.

The OPX series shows its talents especially in areas with a need to handle large volumes of goods, e.g. in central warehouses used by retailers and the automobile industry, in distribution centres, the food industry and in the area of third party logistics (3PL) – i.e. everywhere where goods are order-picked at a high picking density, long travel distances must be covered and maximum efficiency is required.

Ergonomics set the pace when developing the OPX series. A low entry height and more space in the driver’s workstand are just two examples of its user-friendly global concept in which the driver’s entire workplace can be adjusted to meet individual drivers’ needs, so they can work as comfortably and efficiently as possible.

STILL EASY Drive is a special highlight of the OPX series - a newly developed ergonomic steering wheel with optional height adjustment and an integral display and control unit. The driver has all the truck’s parameters in view at all times, e.g. battery status and operating hours. Due to its unique contour, the operator can grasp the steering wheel perfectly in all driving situations. Thus safety is increased by simple means. On trucks with mast and initial lift or a rising driver stand, the driver can use the switch paddles integrated into the steering wheel both operate the mast lift and raise the driver’s stand without needing to take his/her hands off the steering wheel.

The pneumatically buffered driver’s stand is unique in the market. It can be adjusted to the driver’s weight to significantly reduce vibrations on the human body. Another option is an adjustable-height folding seat for use when driving long distances. If the folding seat is ordered together with the pneumatically buffered driver’s stand, they are coupled together, and the seat also benefits from the pneumatic buffering.

The new OPX 20 Plus and OPX 25 Plus high-speed order pickers use an innovative 5-wheel chassis to ensure the drive wheel always has enough traction – especially when cornering. Safe driving is also ensured by the proven Curve Speed Control, which automatically reduces speed when cornering, depending on the steering angle.

A powerful, low-maintenance 3 kW three-phase drive motor together with a 3-phase steering motor using 24-V technology breathe appropriate power into the new trucks. This guarantees high performance with low energy consumption and long maintenance intervals: the operator benefits from high goods handling performance at low operating costs. The proven Blue-Q efficiency mode can make up to a 7% energy saving without significant performance losses. These agile order pickers with battery capacities of up to 620 Ah are also ideal for multi-shift use. Trucks with lithium ion batteries or a built-in charger are also available on request.

Numerous individually customisable applications features allow the order-picking trucks to be adapted to specific requirements: a hydraulically elevating driver’s stand is available as an option, for example for clients who often pick orders at the first level.

Because the STILL EASY Drive steering wheel moves upwards together with the driver’s stand, the truck’s operator is not restricted to driving the truck at the first level. He/she also saves time by driving and lifting or lowering simultaneously when picking orders, which considerably increases efficiency.

OPX 20/OPX 20 Plus and OPX 25/OPX 25 Plus

The OPX 20 and OPX 25 Plus are classical order-picking trucks with 2,000 kg and 2,500 kg load capacities respectively, that can accept up to two Euro pallets in a lengthways direction for order-picking or for horizontal transport of goods. With a driving speed of up to 12 km/h, the trucks are suitable for medium- and long-distance transport. If the order picking often requires driving over long distances, STILL offers the OPX 20 Plus and OPX 25 Plus models that can travel even faster, with a driving speed of up to 14 km/h. The new 5-wheel chassis on these models ensures high driving dynamics and perfect traction.

OPX-D 20

The OPX-D 20, with a 2,000 kg load capacity, is a double-deck truck for particularly pressure-sensitive loads, e.g. fruit and vegetables or yoghurt pots. This robust truck can carry two standard industrial pallets one above the other at the same time.

OPX-L 20 S and OPX-L 16

The OPX-L 20 S, load capacity 2,000 kg, has a scissor lift that ensures exceptionally good stability. It can accept two pallets lengthways or long bulky goods. The user no longer needs to bend to put goods onto the pallet, but can now conveniently raise the pallet to a working height that is ergonomic for him/her. It not only makes his/her back thank him/her, but also saves valuable effort and time. The new entrant, the OPX-L 16, combines the advantages of the OPX-L 20 S with great manoeuvrability and a 1,600 kg load capacity. It can handle a 1,600 kg load with a 1,200 mm load centre of gravity, and can accept two pallets in a lengthways direction. The design of the load wheel arms is very short. The advantage of this is that the operator can pick up the rear pallet without moving it by hand.

OPX-L 12

The OPX-L 12 is the best choice when heavy goods weighing up to 1,200 kg need to be order-picked in a very narrow space. This compact, manoeuvrable truck can pick up a pallet lengthways and raise it to an ergonomic height for order-picking.

OPX-L 20

The OPX-L 20, with a 2,000 kg load capacity, can accommodate two pallets in a lengthways direction. The front one, resting on the back of the fork, always lifts to an ergonomic height. The advantage of this is that the order picker need only cover short distances when picking orders.

LTX 50

The LTX 50, designed as a towing truck, is also new and mounted on the same platform as the OPX models. This tugger truck shows its talents when used in a tugger train, and has a 5-ton towing power.

Source: STILL GmbH