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Ergonomic long-distance runners increase goods throughput

After the successful market launch of the new SXH 20 and SXD 20 series of stand-on low lift and stand-on high lift pallet trucks last year, STILL now presents the corresponding sit-on machines for medium and long-distance transport. The new model series comprises the FXH 20/25 N sit-on low lift pallet truck, the FXV 14/16 N sit-on high lift pallet truck and the FXD 20 N double deck pallet truck. These trucks have ergonomically designed driver’s workplaces with a comfortable seat and adjustable footplate to give the driver maximum convenience so he or she can work without becoming fatigued. The trucks show their talents in heavy-duty industrial service, where high battery capacities and lithium ion technology ensure high availability. 

The benefits of these agile trucks are in the details: the trucks are fitted with a powerful, reliable 3-kW three-phase 24-volt drive motor. This low-maintenance motor guarantees not only high performance but also lower energy consumption. The operator profits from high goods handling performance at low operating costs. With battery capacities of up to 500 Ah, the trucks have sufficient energy for multi-shift operations. Sideways battery change via a roller track is available to the user as standard for a quick battery change. The trucks are also available with Li-Ion battery options with capacities of 205 Ah to 410 Ah. The trucks’ easily accessible service points also allow easy maintenance with short downtimes.


The new series of trucks have an extremely robust chassis consisting of a torsion-resistant steel frame that predestines the machines for arduous service. A four-wheel drive system ensures optimum traction at all times, and guarantees safe, stable standing. Rounded fork ends allow quick insertion into the pallet, which contributes to high goods throughput and safe, secure load handling.

Another special highlight is the trucks’ high level of driving comfort: STILL trucks are fitted as standard with an individually adjustable footplate and ergonomic driver’s seat that largely absorbs vibrations on the human body. This ensures that working through the whole shift is easy on the back. Moreover, the STILL Joystick 4 Plus allows particularly sensitive, intuitive hydraulic control. This permits wrist-friendly lifting and lowering operations and driving functions to be carried out without any grip changing. STILL trucks display their performance strengths in the most confined spaces and narrowest aisles. This is ensured by the electrical steering, with which the truck can be operated easily and precisely. The number of steering wheel turns for 180° can be chosen individually. 

As usual, STILL has set the bar high in relation to safety: proven safety features such as Curve Speed Control, which automatically adjusts speed to the steering angle to allow safe cornering, and a lift height dependent speed limit, increase safety when storing and retrieving goods and protect the operator and load from injury or damage. The STILL FleetManager 4.x option allows individually customised access control and protects the truck from unauthorised use. Operating data and impact events can also be recorded if required. 

With a driving speed of up to 12 km/h, the high-performance STILL FXH 20/25 N sit-on low lift pallet truck is specifically designed for fast, safe horizontal transport of goods weighing up to 2,500 kg, but its consumption is only 0.5 kWh/h even with a high throughput of goods. If even greater efficiency is required, the proven Blue-Q mode can be switched on, which makes an energy saving of up to seven percent without any serious sacrifice in performance: it intelligently optimises the drive system’s characteristic to save energy exactly where this does not degrade the work process. 

The STILL FXV 14/16 N sit-on high lift pallet truck can reach a driving speed of 10 km/h, and with a lifting capacity of up to 1,600 kg it is designed for rack servicing and the horizontal transport of goods into a warehouse or buffer storage. The truck is ideal for storing and retrieving goods at lift heights up to 5,316 mm. 

Der STILL FXD 20 N high lift pallet truck is optimum for handling pressure-sensitive loads, e.g. fruit and vegetables. The truck is suitable for the space-optimised loading of pallets with different heights. The robust double deck pallet truck, which reaches a driving speed of up to 10 km/h with and without load, can be used to transport and stack two pallets simultaneously. However, the truck’s strength lies in its flexibility: because it is a double-deck machine, the FXD 20 N can be used to transport 1,000 kg on the mast lift at the same time as 1,000 kg on the initial lift. For the user, this pays off in the form of an enormous saving of time and high goods throughput performance.  

Source: STILL GmbH