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Altec Connect Updates: Shopping Lists and Parts Research with Photos

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Altec Connect Updates | Shopping Lists & Parts Research Photos

The new Altec Connect site provides for a more customer-focused experience that will allow our customers to view and search fleet information, order replacement parts and view Altec Product Notices as well as service requests.

Let’s take a look at the two most recent updates from the site – shopping lists and parts research:

Shopping Lists

  • Each user account has the ability to create and store Shopping Lists. Shopping Lists allow you to save items you frequently purchase or multiple items you frequently purchase together to make the re-ordering process easier.

  • Many parts associates find this helpful because they keep Altec supplied items in their local garages. They can add all these items to a “stock” shopping list, so when they do stock re-orders, it is as simple as checking the boxes of which items you want and adding it to the cart.

  • This is also a great way to “create your own kit” if you frequently re-order the same sets of tools, parts or supplies for a crew or team.

  • Users can easily add to their shopping list from any page that they can view a part with by clicking the “Add to List” link below the Add to Cart button

Parts Research with Photos

  • Finding the part you need for you truck is now much easier with the new Altec Connect! You can view your as-built Bill of Materials that will list all the items for your unit.

  • You can keyword search, verify you have the correct part by seeing a photo of it, seeing if it is in-stock, view your company’s price and place an order all on the same page.

  • You can also search by Altec part number and quick get the same information, as well as any related items to that part.

  • Once the item is in your cart, checkout is now only 3 easy steps, and the parts are on their way to you!

Source: Altec Inc.