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LineMaster™ Robotic Arm

LineMaster™ Robotic Arm: Safe and Efficient Electric Lines Repair and Maintenance

The LineMaster Robotic Arm product line is an industry-leading solution for safe and efficient live line work. Allowing for secure capture, control and movement of energized conductors, the LineMaster Robotic Arm easily and efficiently permits the installation, upgrades, repair and maintenance of distribution and transmission lines while energized. In doing so, the flow of power to consumers is not interrupted.


Designed for maximum efficiency, this tool reduces the need for multiple pieces of on-site equipment and operators. In turn, the LineMaster Robotic Arm improves safety, is able to cut a project’s overall cost and work duration.

Exclusively distributed by Altec, this product offers extended value with factory integrated solutions and a host of Altec service and support options. The LineMaster Robotic Arm product line is available on Altec’s DH series derricks with controls integration.

How it Works

With articulating and telescopic capabilities, the LineMaster Robotic Arm allows for larger working clearances and safer working environments near energized lines. The LineMaster Robotic Arm is available in a variety sizes and can be configurated many ways to meet the requirements of the job.

Each LineMaster Robotic Arm, includes thorough training to ensure optimal and safe performance. The two-day session, includes both classroom and hands-on training. Each class will review the training manual in detail, along with calculations necessary to determine weights and forces that will be supported. Training participants will also learn how to properly install, configure, operate, and maintain the LineMaster Robotic Arm.

Work Practice and Industry Solutions

For decades, the LineMaster Robotic Arm has been used safely on many projects. From the basic maintenance and repairs, emergency storm response, to technology and infrastructure upgrades, this product provides solutions for a wide range of situations.

Work surrounding infrastructure upgrades, the LineMaster Robotic Arm is able to assist with reconductoring live power lines, changing insulators and structures.  Capturing and positive control of energized lines, the LineMaster Robotic Arm product line provides safe support and movement of energized lines and creates safe working clearances.  Each LineMaster Robotic Arm is thoroughly tested to guarantee it meets or exceeds its specifications. The LineMaster Robotic Arm increases productivity, safety and job site efficiency.

Design Features

Each LineMaster Robotic Arm is designed, tested, inspected and certified by a qualified professional, licensed mechanical engineer. With a variety of configurations and equipment integration options, the LineMaster Robotic Arm product line offers a versatile array of features to streamline your work in the electric utility industry.

The product includes the following features:

  • Factory Integration with Altec Equipment and Controls

  • Hydraulic Tilt, Independent Hydraulic Extend and Retract

  • Horizontal, Vertical, or Delta Phase Configurations

  • Adjustable Static Line Support

  • Altec Supplied Interfacing Bracket

  • Custom Load Charts for Altec Equipment

  • Altec Service and Support Network

  • Hands-on Training with LineMaster Robotic Arm

  • Dedicated Steel Storage Box

  • Optional Hydraulic Pump Pack

Complete Support and Service

Altec Associate Market Manager Michael Newman says that by distributing the LineMaster Robotic Arm product line, Altec is able to deliver a complete set of services and products which support live line work.

“By offering Altec Service support and factory integration with the LineMaster Robotic Arm, we offer our customers new solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of the industries we serve,” Newman said.

Source: Altec Inc