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AmaSense Weather

Part-area, site-specific temperature and humidity measuring sensor on plant protection equipment – a FEATURE from AMAZONE for NEVONEX powered by Bosch

Optimised plant protection with additional expert knowledge


Pesticides have different effects in changing weather conditions. Depending on the time of day and the position of the area (hill, valley, edge of forest, etc.), temperature and humidity conditions vary. The risk of infestation from fungal diseases is clearly higher in warm and humid valley bottoms than on dry hilltops. For optimal verification of the measures applied, it is interesting to know under which the active agents were applied. Similarly, the differences between the various areas depending on the season, time of day and weather conditions are of interest for part-area, site-specific planning of subsequent applications.

AmaSense Weather is a sensor, mounted on to an AMAZONE crop protection sprayers close to the crop canopy, that records the current temperature and humidity conditions. The integration of the sensor as a FEATURE of the NEVONEX system makes it possible to provide the sensor data to the farmer, adviser or an expert system. In the example showing collaboration with the xarvio TM FIELD MANAGER, the user is informed when critical threshold values (humidity 30 %, temperature 25°) are reached and can then respond immediately during application. The geo-referenced weather data can be saved during each pass and also forwarded to xarvio TM via the NEVONEX architecture.

The experts at xarvio TM are already able to compile part-area, site-specific application maps based on the information collected from satellite images and weather prognoses. In future it will be possible also to make use of the AmaSense Weather Sensor data to relate the subsequent application recommendations even more specifically to the part-area. The next fungicide application could thus be adapted even more optimally to the real infestation prognosis. A reduction in agrochemical usage and the efficient use of active ingredients would be bring positive effects for the environment and the economy.

The transmission of part-area, site-specific application maps from the xarvio TM FIELD MANAGER to the AMAZONE ISOBUS crop protection sprayer also takes place via the NEVONEX system. This AMAZONE FEATURE is thus an optimal addition to the xarvio TM FEATURE, creating added value for farmers. With each pass of the crop protection sprayer with the AmaSense Weather Sensor, more information is collected about the demarcation of part-areas with different microclimates. This additional knowledge supplements the soil information and satellite data used for long-term planning of zones with different yield potentials. The NEVONEX system offers all expert systems the option of accessing this data while offering the farmer innovative solutions. Investment in the AmaSense Weather System is thus independent of the potential providers of precision farming solutions. Initial collaboration with xarvio TM digital farming solutions shows only one innovative application. Other partners would be able to offer farmers alternative solutions, using the sensor data.

What is NEVONEX?

NEVONEX powered by Bosch is an open, neutral ecosystem for smart and digital farming. The joint ecosystem approach adds intelligence to new and existing agricultural machinery, thus simplifying the farmer’s work processes. The bundled expert knowledge can be used directly on the machine in the form of digital services (so-called FEATURES). Reliable and consistent implementation during all work steps allows the farmer to profit from higher yields, optimised operating processes and a reduced use of seed, fertiliser and agrochemicals, while at the same time furthering environmental conservation.

The FEATURES can be directly used by existing and new agricultural machinery, irrespective of which “smart with NEVONEX” manufacturer has been chosen, provided that a NEVONEX-enabled control device has been installed. The control device can be quickly and easily retrofitted and registered by an authorised partner. The full integration of the NEVONEX-enabled control device into the electronic architecture allows for active intervention in the functions of the machine and thus in the automation of work processes and their documentation. In addition, direct access to the data of existing or retrofitted compatible sensors on agricultural machinery provides further optimisation potential. This allows agricultural operations to upgrade their fleet to “smart” status, profiting from smooth collaboration between the various networked devices. The close networking of partners creates digital solutions to everyday challenges.

Source: Amazonen-Werke