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Antonio Carraro at DEMOPARK – 11/13 June 2017 – Eisenach



The latest models to come out of Antonio Carraro have got hybrid, hydrostatic-mechanical transmissions, different in concept but all designed to simplify and maximise operational efficiency thanks to the infinite speeds and the possibility of personalising the tractor’s functions in accordance with the drive style and needs of each operator. All in total comfort.

Tony 9800 TR and SR (Yanmar 4 Cylinder, 87 hp engine) with a steering (TR) and articulated (SR) chassis represent the Veneto company’s latest frontier in terms of hydrostatic transmissions run by software that allows the operator to personalise his work across all phases, optimising the result and simplifying procedures. In addition, the software provides the tractor’s diagnostics, which are constantly being monitored to provide maximum efficiency in all situations. The transmission uses SIM technology – Shift In Motion – with 4 electronically controlled speed ranges, which can be activated whilst stopped and in motion. The Tony are compact isodiametric tractors suitable for carrying out precision tasks such as coring, seeding, top-dressing, weeding and crop spraying, where constant speed enables uniformity thus reducing chemical and work time wastage. On request, the Tony can be fitted with the FOPS, ROPS homologated AIR cab which is pressurised with a Cat. 4 certificate, that guarantees the isolation of the operator from the inhalation of harmful dust, aerosols and vapours.

TTR 7600 Infinity unites the Infinity hydrostatic transmission with the wide track ACTIO™ steering chassis, ideal for working on slopes, in haying, embankment grass mowing, roadway maintenance along with the maintenance of urban areas and sports fields. The engine is a 4 cylinder, 74 hp, turbo Kohler, homologated in Phase 3B. There are two mechanical speed ranges available (1-15 and and 0-40 km/h) each with three hydrostatic speeds that can be selected via a joystick and can be inserted whist in movement, without losing traction. The forward pedal assists braking on slopes and stops the vehicle in complete safety when it is released, even without using the brakes or the clutch. The hydro-pneumatic suspension of the equipment with the co-axel cylinder Uniflex (AC patent) guarantees stability and operative comfort on uneven ground, instead during road transfers it stabilises the vehicle thanks to its damping effect. The TTR can be fitted with a very spacious Extracomfort cab (optional), which is fitted with every comfort and with excellent visibility on all fronts and directly on the equipment during reverse drive.


It is a tractor with a hydrostatic transmission fitted with an RGS™ reverse drive system, suitable for carrying out maintenance activities in the civil sector, on sports fields, horse racing tracks and stables; it is also designed to look after roadside embankments, city parks and winter roadway maintenance. It is an isodiametric tractor that offers perfect stability on all ground conditions, which can also be fitted with smooth profile, low pressure, wide tread tyres, which are ideal for turf maintenance. Tyre pressure is set at 0.5 kg/cm (7 p.s.i.). This allows the TTR to be employed on delicate, soft or wet terrain without damaging the ground. It is fitted with a 38 hp, 3 cylinder, direct injection Yanmar engine which is quiet, environmentally friendly and economical to run. The speed-fix system allows forward speeds to be set according to given requirements. The ACTIO™ chassis with its low centre of gravity, RGS™ reversible drive system (in order to be able to use front fitting and trailing equipment) along with the PTO set at 540/1000 rpm all contribute to making this model highly suitable for numerous operative settings. Available with an air-conditioned cab, it can be fitted with an on-off joystick to control the equipment, powerlift and front PTO on the side of the engine and the rear powerlift with double effect cylinders.


It is an articulated hydrostatic tractor with a 4 cylinder, 46 hp Yanmar engine, which renders it ideal for urban maintenance such as roadways, embankment clearing, snow clearance and the looking after public parks and gardens. Comfortable, quick and versatile when carrying out numerous maintenance tasks, it was designed with a Joystick and fully optional cab which is extremely comfortable and has 360° visibility. It has numerous accessories, which come as standard: radio mp3, air conditioning, coat hooks, drinks holder, smartphone holder. The SP is fitted with a loading platform positioned on the bonnet. It can be fitted with front, rear and top fitting equipment, which allows it to work with all kinds of equipment from the mower to the sweeper and snowblade to the gritter. The drive platform is suspended on Silent Block to provide maximum comfort. The pneumatically sprung seat is complete with armrests and headrests. The adjustable steering wheel and the electrohydraulic inverter on the steering wheel allow the operator to work in total relaxation for many hours. The forward movement pedal, which activates the hydrostatic transmission, renders the driving of the tractor safe and practical. The hydraulically controlled brakes guarantee maximum safety with modular stopping. The JM™ Joystick for equipment control is positioned ergonomically. For those tasks that require constant speed, the Speed-fix button allows the required working speed to be fixed.


Isodiametric, steering, mechanical with a 31 hp, 3 cylinder Yanmar engine (max torque 1700 rpm) it replicates, on a smaller scale, all the features of the top of the range AC tractors. Apart from the design aesthetics, the ACTIO™ oscillating chassis, low centre of gravity and ground clearance (275 mm) that allow it to work on extremely uneven ground, it provides an ample, comfortable, ergonomic drive position, despite its compactness. It is an all-rounder, designed to satisfy the various maintenance or cultivation activities on private and public green areas, on small agricultural plots, in vegetable gardens and in greenhouses. Its handling is guaranteed by the turning circle, which remains the lowest of its category at 2870 mm. The bonnet has a large steel grille that protects the engine on all three sides and guarantees excellent thermal exchange. The vertical opening of the bonnet allows for quick and practical inspection of the engine. The front bumpers, which act as ballast and protection are fitted with an integrated trailing hook. The PTO, set at 540 rpm is synchronised with all the speeds of the gearbox, whilst the powerlift has an 850 Kg capacity.

Source: Antonio Carraro spa