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Antonio Carraro at DEMOPARK 2019 June 23th - 25th, Eisenach, Germany Stand A-131



A reversible isodiametric tractor with narrow wheelbase, articulated chassis and hydrostatic transmission, SR 7600 Infinity (4-cylinder turbo engine with 74 HP) is intended for crops where maximum compactness and agility are required (with a very small radius). It guarantees excellent performance when combined with hydraulic or PTO-driven equipment, for agricultural use (terraced vineyards, greenhouses, narrow rows) or civil use (maintenance of urban spaces, sports facilities, road works and clearing of snow).

The Infinity transmission allows you to work with the same speeds in both driving directions, since it has two mechanical ranges (0-15 and 0-40 km/h), each with 3 hydrostatic speeds that can also be engaged while driving, with manual or automatic gearbox. The advance pedal assists braking even on slopes. The reverser (on the steering wheel) can be engaged at any time. The Cruise Control mode permits independent control of the engine revolutions and the speed, keeping them constant even in the presence of discontinuous loads; the Intellifix, instead, automatically modulates forward movement according to the PTO load. All Infinity functions communicate with each other via CAN-BUS technology.

Easy access to the engine compartment allows practical cleaning of the two parallel radiators, ensuring maximum efficiency and operational continuity even for work where the front grille is subjected to continuous clogging. The "Superbrake" auxiliary braking system acts on the four brakes, locking them in the parking phase for use in conditions of extreme dependence.

The Starlight panoramic cab (on request) offers optimal visibility and comfort, combined with the compactness required to work comfortably in tight spaces or between narrow sloping rows.


With a wide wheelbase, a very low centre of gravity, reversible drive and hydrostatic transmission, TTR 7600 Infinity (4-cylinder turbo engine with 74 HP) is ideal for crops on slopes (mountain work), and especially for haymaking. It is also suitable for cutting grass on embankments, use on roads, and maintenance of urban areas and sports fields.

The Infinity transmission allows you to work with the same speeds in both driving directions. The gearbox has 3 speeds which can also be engaged while driving, to ensure constant and fluid movement without loss of traction or power interruption when the gradient or speed of travel changes. Braking is also assisted on slopes, thanks to the advance pedal that stops the vehicle when the accelerator is released, even without the use of brakes.

The Extra Comfort panoramic cab offers excellent comfort, with all the controls in an ergonomic position, and there is plenty of space for the operator.


A compact isodiametric tractor that is easy to steer and reverse (4-cylinder Kubota engine with 98 HP), the Tony represents the latest frontier of Antonio Carraro in terms of software-controlled hydrostatic transmission. This software was conceived, designed and implemented by Antonio Carraro to allow the farm worker to customise every step of his work, considering the tool used and style of driving, in order to optimise and simplify the procedures.

Tony 10900 TR is intended for precision work such as treatment with plant protection products, sowing, fertilisation, weeding, and crushing of stones in the ground: activities where an ideal constant speed is required to ensure an impeccable and uniform standard of work, avoiding waste of material (in the case of spills) or work-time, as each operation is simplified.

The software also provides diagnostics of the tractor which is monitored on a constant basis to ensure full efficiency in every situation.

FOPS and ROPS certified AIR cab and Category 4 pressurisation are available for the Tony on request, guaranteeing maximum protection of the operator against the inhalation of harmful dust, gas and aerosols.


It is a very compact reversible isodiametric tractor with hydrostatic transmission, suitable for maintenance activities in the civil sector, on sports fields and racetracks, and at riding schools.

The low tyre pressure on the ground (0.5 kg/cm2) allows the TTR to be used on the most delicate, soft or even wet surfaces without damaging the soil. It can also be fitted with smooth wide tread tyres and is therefore ideal for the maintenance of lawns.

It has a 3-cylinder Yanmar direct injection engine with 38 HP, which is silent, ecological and fuel efficient. The speed-fix system allows you to set the advance speed according to your needs.

It is also available with air-conditioned cab and can be equipped with on-off joystick for controlling the tools, front lift and PTO on the engine side, and rear lift with double-acting cylinders.


A mechanical isodiametric tractor with 3-cylinder Yanmar engine with 31 HP, the Tigre 4000 replicates, in reduced scale, all the features of top-of-the-range AC tractors. In addition to its highly refined aesthetics, classic ACTIOTM Oscillating Frame, low centre of gravity and ground clearance (275 mm) - which allow it to work even on extremely uneven terrain - it is compact, although the cab remains spacious, ergonomic and comfortable. It is a "jack of all trades", designed for the maintenance or cultivation of public and private green areas, small farms, orchards and greenhouses. Easy manoeuvrability is guaranteed by the turning radius of 2870 mm, among the smallest in the category. The vertical opening of the bonnet allows for quick and practical inspection of the engine. The front bumper acts as a ballast and guard and has an integrated tow hook.


An isodiametric single-direction tractor with hydrostatic transmission and articulated chassis, the SP 5008 (4-cylinder Yanmar engine with 46 HP) is a compact vehicle fitted standard with a cab (full optional cab with all-round visibility) and is intended for civil maintenance. The articulated chassis is agile and manageable in confined spaces and when working on pavements and lanes or manoeuvring around plants in gardens and parks. It can be fitted with front, rear and back-mounted tools, since it is equipped with a loading platform on the top of the bonnet. The JM joystick and the ergonomic controls allow for practical use of the equipment with all the functions within easy reach. The Speed Fix device allows you to set the speed for work requiring constant movement.

The cab has air conditioning, a sprung seat with armrests, coat rack, and mp3 radio, for operation in maximum comfort.


A reversible isodiametric tractor (4-cylinder Yanmar engine with 70 HP), the TRX 7800 S is super-specialised and designed for multiple applications, with complete electronic control system. It adapts to all types of agricultural activities and land and is also highly appreciated for the maintenance of green urban areas and sports grounds.

The new 4TNV98C Yanmar engine, which is assembled on the whole 7800 series, is the product of the collaboration between the AC R&D Centre staff and Yanmar engineering. It is fitted with diesel particulate filters and a Common Rail injection system, and EGR cooling valve for exhaust fume recirculation and a completely electronic running system. Furthermore, it is compliant with both Phase 3B and Phase 5.

TRX 7800 S ensures high performance in small spaces and when there are changes in lateral and vertical gradient, in orchards and canopy vineyards or between low rows on steep slopes.

It offers extraordinary manoeuvrability, determined by a very small turning radius and stable trim in all conditions, and the projecting engine configuration and integral traction guarantee constant adherence to the ground.

The reversible driving position allows the use of the most varied equipment and the ergonomic controls simplify work, thus eliminating operator stress and fatigue.

The Starlight panoramic cab (on request) offers optimal visibility and comfort, combined with the compactness required to work comfortably in tight spaces or between narrow sloping rows.

Source: Antonio Carraro spa