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Antonio Carraro at EIMA 2016, 9-13 November 2016, Bologna, Italy



They are fitted with a 4 cylinder, 87hp engine with a synchronised PTO set at 540/540E, with an electrohydraulic control and progressive engagement. The new AC 2016 models, equal-wheeled with steering chassis (TR) and articulated chassis (SR), both reversible tractors, and emblem of the company’s final frontier in terms of constant variable transmissions, are for the first time ever being run by a “Made in AC” software that allows the operator to personalise his working style, thus maximising results and simplifying procedures. On request the tractor can be fitted with a new FOPS and ROPS homologated Cat. 4 pressurised AIR cab, which protects the operator from harmful dust, aerosols and vapours. The Tony, when fitted with the cab, reaches a maximum height of 2.1 metres.

After the introduction of the Tony 9800 TR, fitted with a mechanical/hydrostatic transmission and SIM (Shift in Motion) technology with 4 electronically controlled speed ranges, which can be engaged during motion and which was a “Finalist” in the Tractor of the Year 2017 competition, comes the Tony 9800 SR to enter into production in the articulated chassis version, under the heading “Technical innovation EIMA 2016”. It is a particularly agile model when used in rowed crops and when good handling is required. This tractor can be used with many kinds of equipment thanks to its hydraulic transmission, which guarantees modulated starts, the memorisation of the parameters, the personalisation of the operator’s working requirements enabling the vehicle to be adapted to his needs and drive style. Amongst the numerous functions of the “ITAC” software (Intelligent Tractor AC) there is an automatic speed regulation, aimed at maintaining maximum engine torque at selected engine revolutions, achieved by simulating the corrections, normally carried out hundreds of times a day by the operator when driving the tractor. The Tony SR is the model with the narrowest track at 1060mm.


The UNIFLEX® suspension with coaxial cylinders maximises efficiency thanks to the reduced number of friction points on the elements in the suspension system. The UNIFLEX® system with electronic adjustment transfers part of the equipment’s weight onto the tractor’s wheels, thus reducing specific ground pressure, guaranteeing less trailing or pushing resistance, lower fuel consumption, better grip and improved tractor stability. UNIFLEX® allows the equipment to follow and instantly adapt to the contours of the ground, avoiding brusque uneven movements whilst keeping ground pressure constant thus improving operative comfort, speed and accuracy.

3. SERIES R: Revolution, Reloaded, Reborn

Loyal to the AC tractors’ DNA, which produces equal-wheeled, compact, narrow tractors with an articulated or steering ACTIO™ chassis and an overhang engine and low centre of gravity, the brand new Ergit R Series, an evolution of the top of the Ergit 100 range, is being presented at EIMA 2016. There are five models on the list with a number of common dominating features: a 99hp Kubota engine in phase 3B with 4 turbo cylinders; new design concept; a 16 + 16 gearbox and PTO 540/540E/ synchronised and independent; a new reversible drive position with new concept rotating tower and new instrumentation fitted with the most modern tractor diagnostic systems; new steering geometry; new pressurised, spacious and safe Air cab with air conditioning and heating system, with a streamlined design for easy disengagement in dense vegetation with windows on all sides, ROPSs and FOPS safety homologation and Cat. 4 certification that guarantees the operator maximum protection against harmful inhalations such as dust, gas and aerosols. The Series has five monograms: TRX 10900, reversible, equal wheels, steering; TRG 10900, reversible, bigger rear wheels, steering that gives good ground clearance; SRX 10900, reversible, equal wheels, articulated (width up to 1060 mm); TTR 10900, reversible, equal wheels, steering with wide track for working on slopes; TGF 10900, mono-directional, larger rear wheels, low profile steering.


4. TTR 7600 Infinity - New concept, transmission and engine

A new model that sees the joining of the AC Infinity hydrostatic transmission to a reversible tractor with a wide track ACTIO™ steering chassis, designed for working on slopes, carrying out haying on mountainsides, grass cutting on roadside embankments as well as maintenance on roadways, parks, urban areas and sports grounds. The new engine is a brand new 4 cylinder, 74hp, turbo Kohler homologated in Phase 3B. It has two mechanical speed ranges (from 0 to 15 and from 0 to 40 km/h), each of which has three speeds that are hydrostatically controlled by a joystick selector, which can be engaged even when in motion without losing traction or causing an interruption of power. The forward speed pedal assists braking even on slopes and the vehicle comes to a halt on release of the accelerator, even without using the brakes or the clutch.


After the success of the Protector 100 cab (the first compact, low-profile with Cat. 4 certification to provide pressurisation and maximum isolation of the operator from harmful inhalations of dust, gas and aerosols), the company has continued to move along the conscientious pathway towards obtaining the most “ecological” certification for the new Air cab designed for the new series. Extremely compact also in terms of height (the Protector 100 reaches 1740 mm whereas the Air arrives to 2100 mm) they offer top level comfort. In addition to the series’ standard accessories, there is a car radio system, a 12V outlet, front and rear windscreen wipers and washers, rear view mirrors and both are fitted with all possible features that allow operational activities to be optimised such as a streamlined profile, visibility on all fronts and pull-handles. The Air is ROPS and FOPS homologated which also protects the operator against vertical knocks.

6. AC TRACKS AND SEMITRACKS > Design and technology

The Mach 2 (duotrack – 20” front wheel and rear rubber tracks – Steering ACTIO™ chassis, reversible) and Mach 4 (quadtrack with articulated ACTIO™ chassis) with a 4 cylinder, 87hp Yanmar turbo engine with mechanical transmission (16+16), represent the top of the AC range in terms of performance, design and technology. Both reversible, they make complex manoeuvres simple and safe even under extreme circumstances such as on muddy and slippery ground, in adverse weather conditions and on slopes that would be inaccessible for a vehicle with tyres. The rubber track system reduces ground compaction to less of a man’s weight. Both are available with the StarLight cab and have a wide range of optional extras to satisfy all requirements. Both have road homologation for speeds of up to 40 Km/h and come in a shiny, black livery, that can be personalised for each customer; at Eima they will be presented in camouflage style.

Source: Source: Antonio Carraro S.p.A.