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TONY 10900 TR and SR - Compact tractors with hybrid continuously variable transmission, and the new feature of the Tony for vineyards The Tony range by Antonio Carraro, comprising the Tony 10900 TR with steering chassis and the articulated SR (Kubota engine of 98 Hp), represents the best that the technology has to offer in the field of specialised agricultural mechanisation. The hybrid continuously variable transmission is controlled by software to allow the farm worker to customise every step of his work, considering the tool used and style of driving, in order to optimise and simplify the procedures. The farm worker can also drive in comfort since there is no need to use the clutch, and the tractor is therefore considerably easier to manoeuvre.


Tony SR and TR are two dynamic and versatile compact isodiametric tractors intended for precision farming (vineyards, orchards and greenhouses) even in the tightest spaces and on rough and steep terrain. They have a short wheelbase and a very tight steering radius, especially so in the case of the articulated SR which permits even more precise manoeuvres. These vehicles are ideal for work between crop rows, including narrow ones, since they are extremely compact (the SR model can be configured with a track as narrow as 1,060 mm), and for treatments with plant protection products and all activities where a constant speed is required to ensure an impeccable and uniform standard of work, avoiding waste of material (in the case of spills) or work-time. The reversible driving position means many different types of equipment can be mounted.

The hybrid mechanical-hydrostatic transmission has 4 electronically-controlled gears that can be engaged when driving or at standstill, with 3 acceleration modes for each gear and 3 for each gear in Automotive mode. The software also provides diagnostics of the tractor which is monitored on a constant basis to ensure full efficiency in every situation. Despite its compact size, the tractor provides very easy access to the driver's seat via a central tunnel unobstructed by levers. The Tony tractors are available with a new generation Air pressurised cab, also with Category 4 certification. An important new introduction in the context of vineyards is coming soon for the Tony range by Antonio Carraro that will see the Italian company breaking into the world of specialised conventional tractors.

TRX 5800 - The new 50 Hp reversible drive compact professional tractor

It is the brand new 50 Hp reversible drive ultra-compact tractor with isodiametric steering wheels. The accessories of this model are the same as those of top-of-the-range AC tractors. The brilliant 16+16 gearbox has a synchronised shuttle. The tractor is both professional and customised and ideal not only for vineyards and orchards but also for ground care and urban maintenance. The short wheelbase and tight steering radius make it agile in narrow spaces and on slopes, where the ACTIOTM chassis and 4 driving wheels guarantee consistent stability and traction. The reversible driving system and the high level of ergonomics increase efficiency and make work much quicker, therefore resulting in significant savings in terms of time and costs. The tractor is compatible with many types of pushed or pulled equipment, for ploughing, treatments, under-row vineyard activities, stable work and fruit picking. The lifting power can reach 2,200 kg, and stronger lifting bars are also available on request for heavier loads and more demanding tasks. The oversize oil pump with capacity of up to 43 l/min is available to meet increasingly exacting needs in the farming and urban sector.

The dashboard, or cluster, is of the very latest generation. The display shows, among others, PTO revolutions, advancement speed and working hours. The spacious driving platform provides thermal and acoustic insulation of the cabin from the transmission, confers comfort, and absorbs vibrations. The suspended foot control ensures the absence of gaps towards the ground, protecting the operator from dust. The cabin is air-conditioned and equipped with all the accessories you could possibly want. Also available on request with Joystick or lift with controlled draft.

INFINITY TR and SR 7600 – Intelligent hydrostatic tractors

The TR and SR 7600 Infinity (Kohler engine of 75 Hp) represent the latest evolution of compact reversible hydrostatic tractors by Antonio Carraro, vehicles of reference for many years now in the French market where they are extensively used in vineyards and orchards, but also for ground care and urban maintenance. Its experience in France over the years has encouraged the Italian company to perfect its tractors further to meet the needs of disparate customers.

TR is the reversible tractor with isodiametric steering wheels ideal for narrow spaces, such as vineyards and crop rows in general, also on slopes, and the articulated SR (also isodiametric and with reversible driving system), with particularly narrow wheelbase, agile between crop rows and when manoeuvring in very tight spaces. The hybrid mechanical-hydrostatic transmission offers infinite ranges of speed, from 0.1 to 40 km/h, and, since it does not have a clutch, greatly simplifies manoeuvres and forward and reverse actions in quick succession, for example when handling materials (or fruit) between crop rows.

The functions of the Infinity tractors are all digitalised. These include the choice of 4 different forward movement modes of the tractor and rpm according to needs. Use is easy and intuitive for the operator. The functions for control of the torque taken from the PTO and the torque absorbed by the wheels protect the power take-off and engine even in critical situations. Both vehicles can be equipped with a Starlight cab, which offers great visibility and comfort, and are suitably compact for denser crops. In 2019, the TR 7600 Infinity model won the “Innovation Challenge Award” at the Enovitis in Campo 2019 fair in Italy for its technical content, and the “Concorso Novità Tecniche” at the Agrilevante 2019 fair for its innovative content.

R SERIES - Compact with top technology

The R Series by Antonio Carraro represents the top of the range of this Italian company in terms of performance, technological content and equipment. There are seven 10900 versions (TRX, TRG, TGF, TTR, SRX, Mach 4 and Mach 2) for a complete range of all the configurations that the specialised farm worker could want: steering, with low-profile design and with wide or articulated wheel track, or articulated vehicles with rubber wheels. The R models have a 4-cylinder Kubota engine with 98 HP Common Rail electronic injection. Various state-of-the-art functions are provided as standard. CAN-bus technology permits instant communication between the various control units with a highly limited use of connections and, therefore, electronic management of the engine, allowing the operator to use all the controls on the dashboard, including work memories and acceleration curves.

A slightly longer pitch ensures optimal distribution of the weight of the tractor. All the models have a damping system that absorbs the vibrations of the rear power lift and ensures absolute ease of travel with equipment attached.

The range is available with the comfortable, state-of-the-art Air pressurised cab (with the exception of the TGF 10900 R that has a Protector 100 cab), which is spacious despite the extraordinary compactness of the tractor that makes it agile in tight spaces and in vegetation. The cab of the version with Category 4 certification ensures maximum protection of the operator against the inhalation of harmful dust, gas and fumes when working with plant protection products.

TGF 10900 R - A panther between the rows

A single-direction tractor with differentiated wheels, steering chassis and 98 Hp Kubota engine, it is the lowest and most compact in the 100 Hp power range. Designed for vineyards and orchards, it stands out for its extremely small size and very narrow steering radius, permitted by the smaller front wheels that ensure exceptional manoeuvring precision. It is a specialised tractor perfect for narrow crop rows, even on slopes and in Y-shaped orchards, as well as for low vegetation, awning cultivations and greenhouses. The rear wheels are available in sizes of 18, 20 or 24 inches based on operational requirements and the terrain. Despite its extremely compact size, its offers an operator space and level of comfort equal to those of conventional tractors.

Available on request are an electronic power lift and double configuration of the chassis with two different types of reduction gear for rear wheels of 20 or 24 inches. Another innovative aspect of the new TGF 10900R is the great versatility of the hydraulic system: 5 double-acting couplings, continuous delivery of 50 l/min, 2 returns and an oversize pump with oil radiator. It comes with the Protector 100 pressurised cab, measuring only 174 cm at its highest point and of streamlined design, allowing for agile performance in even the densest vegetation without damaging it. The Category 4 certified version protects the operator against the inhalation of dust, gas and aerosols. Antonio Carraro was the first to develop the Cat.4 cab for compact tractors and draws on many years of experience to guarantee the best possible protection.

MACH 4 R - Articulated quadtrack with rubber tracks for all terrains and slopes

It is the majestic quadtrack with rubber tracks, articulated chassis and reversible drive at the top of the range by Antonio Carraro in terms of performance and unique characteristics. It permits work in safety on terrain unsuitable for normal vehicles with rubber wheels, on very steep slopes, and slippery or wet surfaces. With minimal compacting of the terrain, it can be used between crop rows even after rainfall. The four rubber tracks allow the vehicle to sort of “float”, while at the same time ensuring stability and good adhesion to the soil and good traction even on slippery terrain.

In addition, thanks to its low pressure on the ground, the Mach 4 is kind to roots and plants, permitting more vigorous growth despite the need to pass frequently between crop rows and in all weather conditions. This is all in the interest of better strength of the plant and production quality. The articulated chassis and the steering geometries make it possible to tackle extremely narrow bends without sticking, to avoid the typical pivoting turns of standard articulated vehicles that cause damage to the headlands between a crop row and the next.

Another significant advantage over traditional articulated vehicles is comfort like that of a tractor with rubber tyres, and it is licensed to travel on roads up to 40 Km/h. The Air pressurised cab is available on request, also with Category 4 certification, for complete protection of the operator in the cab against the inhalation of harmful dust, aerosols and fumes.

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