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Assistedile erects Italy’s first Raimondi MRT234 topless tower crane

Assistedile erects first Raimondi MRT234 tower crane in Italy

One Raimondi engineer was onsite to supervise the erection process, which included the first stage of the jib and counterjib preparation at ground level and tower erection, followed by the usage of a 350-tonne mobile crane to erect the MRT234 to a freestanding height of 85.8 meters with the 70-meter jib. To reach the full height of 85.8 meters, mixed tower elements of 2.3 meters, 2.1 meters, and 1.7 meters were employed.


Founded in 1963 by two former Raimondi employees, Rino Friso, and Paolo Morosi, Assistedilehas consistently collaborated with the heritage manufacturer to represent Raimondi in the greater Milan area. “We have plans to increase the size of our rental fleet with more new Raimondi models as well, to better meet our construction industry client requests,” said Luciano Friso, Managing Director, Assistedile, remarking on the company’s future. “When we began to expand the business our fathers created to include heavy lifting rentals, we ensured to maintain its excellent customer relations track record, including servicing requirements and parts availability,” he added. “From a market perspective, the request of rental cranes in the Milan area is now oriented towards big load capacity products that allow for high freestanding heights. The MRT234 is an ideal match to service those clients,” continued Friso.

A 350 t. mobile crane was used to erect the MRT234 to a freestanding height of 85.8 meters with 70 meter jib.

“The MRT234 combines the versatility of the Raimondi range with ease of erection, thanks to lighter jib components in comparison to previous models. It also has the added value of innovative winches and slew controls while maintaining the originality of Raimondi’s signature design.” Eng. Mauro Masetti, Commercial Director, Raimondi Cranes, added that to increase performances and hoist speed, the MRT234 was equipped with a special 55kW (75 Hp) hoisting winch, as per the client’s preferences.

Source: Raimondi Cranes