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B 250 R ride-on scrubber drier from Kärcher

The new generation of top range machines 

Kärcher has upgraded its B 250 R ride-on scrubber drier. The operator can now profit from a number of innovations, which are already being used successfully in smaller Kärcher machines. This also includes a large display with simple menu navigation, the KIK key system and Kärcher Fleet fleet management. One of the main applications of the battery-powered machine is building cleaning, e.g. in shopping centres, logistics and industry.

The scrubber drier features the Kärcher Fleet fleet management system as standard. The telematics system enables customers to access data such as machine health or operating hours and organise use of the machine efficiently.

All options are shown clearly and easy to read on the large display for simple operator menu navigation. Selected adjustments are displayed in the form of self-explanatory pictograms for the duration of the application.

The KIK (Kärcher Intelligent Key) system ensures a short machine teach-in time. Different authorisation rights are assigned via colour-coded keys (white and yellow for operators, grey for facility managers, red for service technicians). Facility managers can define certain parameters for a specific application in advance. This makes incorrect operation virtually impossible.

Like the predecessor model, the B 250 R is particularly energy-saving and environmentally friendly in eco!efficiency mode, which is adequate for maintenance cleaning of most floors. In this mode, cleaning takes place with low turbine power and reduced water volume.

Source: Alfred Kärcher GmbH & Co. KG