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Barridos de OP (BARROP) sweepers

BARROP sweepers
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BARROP sweepers


Since the beginning of the cold milling and public construction work sweeping industry in Spain, the BARROP family has been a national industry pioneer, with a market share of 60% under the trade name SAMOP.


This company was dedicated solely and exclusively to a very specific task: milling and sweeping! The first BARROP sweeper arose from this. The machine's main characteristic was its steel brush, and the company used it to provide the best possible service to its clients.

'After two decades at the forefront of the milling and sweeping industry, Barridos de OP (BARROP) emerged, an exclusive manufacturer of this range of sweepers. These machines have been designed and tweaked for years to improve on the three main aspects of the product: the rigidity of the machine chassis, a hydraulic system made up of the best components on the market and the icing on the cake; a steel brush that undergoes continuous R&D and offers 10 times more durability than any other sweeper on the market.' Explains Ivan Alcaina (CEO)*

BARROP machines are designed to be used for public construction work and this is how the brand markets them, but adapting the products to different industries. 'We started out in the world of road and asphalt, which is why our sweepers are mainly designed for that purpose. However, we adapt our product to different markets, such as agricultural and aggregate companies. At the moment we are manufacturing our BARROP 3000, a sweeper with 3 metres of sweep length, which will be adapted to a front shovel. It will be used to clean the company's aggregate factories.' Ivan notes*

Today the brand relies on its three main models; the 1600 DD, which has 1.60 metres of sweep length; the 1750 DD, which has 1.75 metres of sweep length and the 1900 DD, which has 1.90 metres.

Sweeper detail

'Our BARROP 1600 DD is the machine that has been produced the most so far. In the four years that we have been working on this project, we have manufactured 160 units, as it is the most versatile instrument for the range of standard mini-loaders on the market. In Spain, most of our former SAMOP clients whom we provided our sweeping service to are now direct BARROP clients. They have acquired our instrument so that they can offer their own clients the best possible service, and have thus become a lot more competitive than companies that still use conventional polypropylene brushes.'

The V5 version keeps the product's main product features, such as the removable side, which allows the rings to be quickly swapped over. Many more novelties have also been integrated into the instrument, such as an easy-to-open chain guard and a plate with a QR code, which makes it easy for users to check the instruction manual or order a replacement on the spot with a phone.

The BARROP ring system has been recoverable for years, meaning that once the client finishes the hair, they can return it to the company and be paid for each ring brush they return. The factory then reuses the rings and puts new hair on them, so it works as an exchange with the client. 'Thinking about the product's expansion, we have been designing a new disposable ring brush for many months so that when both European and international clients finish the brush, they do not have to return it to our factory, as this would involve unnecessary postage costs.' Ivan explains*

For the Spanish brand, 2021 has been a year of success and work, as they explain to us, in comparison with the 2020 financial crisis that COVID-19 caused worldwide. Their goal is to continue improving the product and introduce it to other world markets so that they can enjoy the characteristics their product offers, says Ivan.

The company invites readers to visit them in hall 07, stand 010-011 at the next SMOPYC Trade Show, which will take place in Zaragoza (Spain) from 17 to 20 November 2021. In addition to demonstrating their new innovations, they will be looking for potential international distributors who want to be a part of this ambitious expansion project. Ivan concluded*