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Basic to Pro: KEMPER presents the new welding helmets product range

Extended welding helmets product range: With its optical classification 1/1/1/1 the KEMPER autodark® 760 model is setting new standards in high-quality area for professional welders working on a permanent basis. The special welding helmet unifies maximum safety, a unique great range of vision and diverse setting possibilities. Moreover, the new product range offers further models, beginner levels included.

„With our new welding helmets product range we as a manufacturer of the exhaust and filter systems also do care for an effective occupational safety when it comes to personal safety equipment“, stresses Björn Kemper, Managing Director of KEMPER GmbH. „We are one step ahead in comparison with the other solutions available on the market especially thanks to our top model autodark® 760.“

The best angle dependence in the field of vision

This high-quality welding helmet is suitable for permanent application for professional welders. With an extremely big range of vision of 96 x 68.5 mm it provides better view on the work piece. Additionally it is supported with the best possible optical classification of filters. This helmet has achieved value 1 both in terms of the optical quality, light diffusion, homogeneity of the field of vision and angle dependence.

Due to the optimized head support, autodark® 760 offers a better wearing comfort. The IR / UV protection level 16 is also a top value. The sensitiveness and lightening delay can be set using a control placed on the outside of the helmet. Additionally, the helmet is equipped with a grinding mode. The protection helmet, as well as the new autodark® 660 model, has been granted the DIN-plus certificate. KEMPER offers four-year warranty for the autodark® 760.

Flexible and stable helmet cover made of polyamide and Zytel

The new welding helmets product range by KEMPER includes, besides the professional welding helmet autodark® 760 also the basic models autodark® 560i/560x and the advanced models autodark® 660i as well as 660x. All helmets are using the traditional external protection plates in standard dimensions 90 x 110 mm and no other plates with unusual dimensions. The comfortable helmet cover in all versions of the new KEMPER autodark® series is made of an exceptional combination of high-quality polyamide and Zytel. This material makes the helmet cover very flexible and at the same time mechanically very stable and heat-resistant.