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KEMPER launches Internet portal

Raising awareness about robust work safety for metal processors: KEMPER GmbH, headquartered in Vreden, Westphalia and manufacturer of extraction and filter systems for the metal processing industry, is launching a new information platform at

“Even today, many plants have some catching up to do when it comes to effective protection of their employees,” says Björn Kemper, managing director of KEMPER GmbH. Moreover, a tightening of general requirements is forcing firms to focus more strongly on work safety. That is why KEMPER wants to generate awareness about robust work safety among welders and employers. This involves subjects focusing on the hazards that exist in welding and the ways to prevent these. The portal offers an overview of current law, of studies and of effective extraction and filter technology – also from a practical business standpoint. There will even be room for external branch experts to have a say on the platform.