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Bauma 2016 – the perfect platform for Hyva products

Hyva, a leading global provider of transport solutions for the commercial vehicle and environmental service industries, will display leading products from its Tipping Solution, Container Handling and Crane ranges at Bauma 2016 (Hall B4, Stand 248), 11-17 April in Munich, Germany.


Bauma 2016 will be the 31st edition of the World’s Leading Trade Fair for Construction Machinery, Building Material Machines, Mining Machines, Construction Vehicles and Construction Equipment.

Tipping Solutions

Hyva’s Alpha Series front end tipping solutions, for Construction, Transportation and Mining applications, are lighter, faster, safer and more efficient.

The total system – cylinder, brackets and wet kit – has been re-designed and re-engineered for higher efficiency and safer operating at lower cost. The new cylinders are smaller, lighter, stronger, operate at higher pressure and consume less oil. Brackets are stronger and lighter. Wet kits have improved knock-off and control options, cylinder mounted tipping valves, new tank and filter options, and, pumps operating at up to 250 bar. The range includes Standard and Heavy Duty (HD) cylinders.

These improvements deliver faster tipping, shorter cycle times and reduced system size and weight which can translate into more efficient working routines, increased payloads and reduced operating costs.

Container Handling 

Hyva’s extensive range of hookloaders and skiploaders provides transport efficiency solutions for all container handling applications.

The hookloaders range from lightweight 3.5 tonnes Van chassis cabs right through to 50+ tonnes gvw ten wheelers. As with all Hyva equipment, our hookloaders are strong, robust and inherently safe to use. Advanced design and built with premium specification materials, Hyva hookloaders also maximises payload potential.

Being able to drop and recover all sizes and types of containers in almost any working environment gives our hookloaders a huge operating advantage. And, the versatility is increased with a wide range of options including drawbar packages, on-board weighing, tool boxes, extra lighting, reversing cameras, audible warning systems and finished painting.

The range is led by the new TITAN ‘boltable’ hookloader, a durable, lightweight system available in different lengths and capacities. The modular, fully bolted, rather than welded, construction reduces installation and maintenance times. And, the lower 

system weight and height and increased operating speed can deliver payload and productivity improvements. The TITAN has proved its value in a wide range of end user applications including municipal waste collection and recycling, construction waste removal and materials supply, and, movement of agricultural supplies and produce.

The comprehensive range of skiploader platforms are suited to a wide variety of truck chassis, whether a simple 7.5 tonne truck or a full-spec 44 tonne drawbar vehicle, in each and every market segment. Units are built for safe and easy remote controlled operation, as well as strength, durability and long term reliability. Not only that, but Hyva skiploaders include a range of standard and optional specifications. The result is a complete skiploader package that suits the needs of both truck driver and operator alike for the collection and transportation of materials such as industrial waste, building rubble, scrap metal and household rubbish.

Featured Container Handling products will include:

TITAN Skiploader

The new 14 ton telescopic Titan skiploader, the TG2014TAXL, features an integrated subframe to optimise the weight and capacity ratio. The ‘boltable’ subframe and accessories ensure easier and quicker mounting on the chassis. The system is delivered in high quality, factory-finished paint. New hydraulics deliver faster cycle times through higher pressure and smaller cylinders.

The actuation of the skiploader has improved both safety and ease of operation. Two hand control is now standard and ensures easier and safer operation. The skiploaders includes the hydraulic locking systems (ensuring that the container is securely clamped to the skip loader and provides maximum load security), and, sheeting systems, ensuring that the container load is covered; the sheet can be safely operated by the driver from ground level, as options.

This high-strength, high-durability, lower weight skiploader is optimised to allow quicker operating times and offers the best telescopic reach on the market. This reach makes it easier to pick up/load/offload containers which are parked in the most difficult situations and on the most difficult locations.

The Hyva Autosheet System is a simple solution to covering all sizes of container. It is quick, simple and safe to operate from ground level, keeps loading times to a minimum and contributes to a clean environment

Hookloader / HZ Crane combination

This combination comprises an 18ton hookloader with an HZR 150 crane, equipped with a 240 litre capacity asymmetric grapple, mounted on a three axle truck.  Specialised HZR cranes deliver top speed performance and flexibility for recycling applications.


Hyva announces the launch of the first two families of a completely new line of Hyva Cranes. The 13-16 tm class, the first part of the new line to be launched, comprises 12 models:

  • HT130 & HT162 
    13 tm and 16 tm class telescopic boom cranes. 
    Designed to be used in car recovery and in all other applications where a compact, light and easy to operate crane is needed.

  • HB130 & HB160
    13 tm and 16 tm class articulated boom cranes. 
    Perfect solution for cost and performance in loading and unloading operations.

  • HC131, HC143, HC153, HC161, HC171 & HC183 
    13 tm to 18 tm top performance articulated cranes. 
    Equipped with double linkage boom system. Made for complex lifting applications.

  • HC131K & HC161K
    13 tm and 16 tm class short boom articulated cranes with double linkages. 
    Designed for high loads delivery. Installation on compact wheelbase trucks. Used in construction applications.

More tm classes will be added to the new line over the next 2-3 years, extending the range from 8 to 150 tm.

The new cranes demonstrate a radical renewal, creating a new family of products which have been totally redesigned and reengineered. A structured design and build process from concept to field operation has included industrial design and ergonomic review, 3D development, Finite Element Analysis, prototype production, laboratory testing and field-based customer acceptance tests.

The new families are designed to cover all possible applications by offering top performance, ease of use and maintenance and the highest level of modularity in models, features and accessories.

Dedicated ergonomic studies and user preferences have created the most ergonomic working position and user-friendly interface. These facilitate accurate and safe operation through the control station which includes crane controls and stabiliser controls. A wide range of radio remote controls are available, as options, for CE and NOT CE models. 

A variety of stabiliser features and configurations are available and the ability to select from two crane control systems (standard for CE market) improves safety and reduces the risk of truck capsize.

We are proud to announce two Innovations included in the new line models: Dynamic Load Diagram, totally new in the truck-mounted crane industry, which allows verification in advance of the crane lifting capacity based on the actual truck stability; and, Magic Touch which allows the driver to open automatically the crane from transport position to working position and back to transport position when required. Both of these features improve driver attention and can save time and increase productivity.

Other features include:

  • Wide, 425°, best in class slewing angle

  • Graphic Hetronic Radio, with a 4” colour display

  • Regenerative valve delivering higher speed crane extension

  • Robust, cast hook attachment

  • Always the maximum lifting capacity using the hook and using attachments such as rotators, buckets and bricks.

  • LED lights for night working

All Hyva cranes are ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management and ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management certified.

Featured Crane products will include:

Hyva HA Crane

HA line, from 1 to 10 ton metre class, are telescopic cranes for customers who need of a crane which is compact, light and easy to operate.

Hyva HV Crane

HV line, from 3 to 22 ton metre class, are compact articulated cranes, simple to operate, with high lifting capacity. HV truck mounted cranes have the best price/function ratio and have been specially designed for developing countries.

Hyva HC Crane

HC line, from 10 to 80 ton metre class, are high performance articulated double linkage cranes. Made for heavy users who require ultimate precision and lifting capacity. Packed with innovations, the HC line offers a wide range of accessories.

Kennis Crane

The Kennis range of roll-loader cranes delivers quality and outstanding performance, from 14 to 40 ton metre class. The roller concept lets user work in a bigger area with a lower capacity crane and always be close to the load. The cranes are fast and light, giving a shorter loading time and allowing a higher payload. The cranes can be removed from the trailer and can be moved from one trailer to another.

Source: HYVA Germany GmbH