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New crane line sets new standards in design, performance, reliability and safety for truck-mounted cranes

Hyva, a leading global provider of transport solutions for the commercial vehicle and environmental service industries, is launching the first two families of a completely new line of Hyva Cranes. The 13-16 tm class, the first part of the new line to be launched, comprises 12 models:

  • HT130 & HT162 
    13 tm and 16 tm class telescopic boom cranes. 
    Designed to be used in car recovery and in all other applications where a compact, light and easy to operate crane is needed.

  • HB130 & HB160
    13 tm and 16 tm class articulated boom cranes. 
    Perfect solution for cost and performance in loading and unloading operations.

  • HC131, HC143, HC153, HC161, HC173 & HC183 
    13 tm to 18 tm top performance articulated cranes. 
    Equipped with double linkage boom system. Made for complex lifting applications.

  • HC131K & HC161K
    13 tm and 16 tm class short boom articulated cranes with double linkages. 
    Designed for high loads delivery. Installation on compact wheelbase trucks. Used in construction applications.


More tm classes will be added to the new line over the next 2 years, extending the range from 8 to 150 tm.

Development of the new line, from concept to field operation, has involved customer experience research, ergonomic review, 3D development, Finite Element Analysis, prototype production, laboratory testing and field-based customer acceptance tests. 

A new control station, incorporating both crane and stabiliser controls, has an ergonomic working position and user-friendly interface which delivers better operator efficiency and safety together with improved productivity. Dynamic Load Diagram allows advance verification of the crane lifting capacity based on the truck stability, and, Magic Touch allows automatic folding and unfolding to transport and working positions. Both of these features improve driver attention and can save time and increase productivity.

There are several options for radio remote control and a wide range of stabiliser configurations to ensure safe positioning of the truck in all ground conditions. The wide slewing angle, 425°, is best-in-class for medium sized cranes. And, with an extensive range of accessories and attachments, the cranes are suited to a wide range of applications.

Durability and lifetime value too is high with enhanced resistance to adverse environmental conditions as a result of a long life painting process, anti-corrosion treatments on non-painted components, protected rubber hose tracks and assembly of components using specialist tools. 

Other features include:

  • Regenerative valve delivering higher speed crane extension

  • Robust, cast hook attachment

  • Always the maximum lifting capacity using the hook and using attachments such as rotators, buckets and bricks.

  • LED lights for night working

All Hyva cranes are ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management and ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management certified.

Source: HYVA Germany GmbH