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Prototype of the Binder Bivitec with Firestone Airmount isolators. Go to photo
Prototype of the Binder Bivitec with Firestone Airmount isolators.

Bauma 2019: Binder+Co presents Bivitec for the first time with air spring bellows

Firestone air suspension optimizes vibration isolation in screening machines


At Bauma 2019, Binder+Co for the first time will unveil a Bivitec screening machine with double-convolution air springs and has once again chosen to partner with Firestone Industrial Products. This enhancement sets new standards in terms of vibration damping, ensures an even longer lifetime of the system and increases throughput.

Binder + Co's Bivitec flip flow screen for bulk materials which are difficult to screen already has been successfully established on the market. At this year’s Bauma in Munich, April 8 – 14, 2019, the Bivitec will be presented for the first time with air spring bearings. The installed Firestone Airmount isolators help to further significantly reduce vibration in the steel construction of the screening machine. Mounted between the vibrating screen and the steel substructure, they decouple these two system components from each other and effectively prevent the transmission of vibrations.

Airmount air bellows even surpass the already outstanding features of the Marsh Mellow hollow rubber springs that are installed serially in the Bivitec screening machines.

Franz Anibas, Head of Engineering screening technology at Binder+Co in Gleisdorf, Austria explains: "So far, we have mounted our Bivitec screening machines on Marsh Mellow hollow rubber springs to ensure low-noise operation and long lifetime. Tests have shown that air springs reduce residual vibrations even more than hollow rubber springs. The double-convolution air springs from Firestone reduce the dynamic loads by about 50 % compared to Marsh Mellow springs, and the vibration transmission to the steel construction is further significantly reduced. In other words, the entire steel construction of the system is significantly less stressed - respectively can be built more cost-effectively. "

"Compared to helical compression springs, leaf springs or the hollow rubber springs that were previously mainly used by Binder Co, air spring bellows offer clear advantages. A striking feature is their low natural frequency in ranges between 1.5 and 3 Hertz. As a result, they achieve a strong isolation effect that reaches a level of up to 98.5 percent. For comparison: Steel springs in screening machines usually have a natural frequency of 4 to 6 Hertz and show a 75 to 85 percent isolation effect, "adds Thomas Vermeulen, EMEA Sales Manager Industrial at Firestone Industrial Products in Arnhem.

Especially when used with screening machines, it also has great advantages in being able to regulate the internal pressure of the Firestone bellows cylinders. This allows them to be flexibly adapted to different load conditions.

The more efficient decoupling stimulates fewer mounting parts to vibrate and also consumes less energy - with the same throughput. The improved vibration isolation also reduces the noise level and creates a healthier working environment.


The Bivitec with air suspension was developed for particularly demanding applications in the recycling industry and for mineral processing. Air suspension is increasingly used on large, heavy machinery that must be integrated into an existing steel structure.

At the upcoming Bauma, the world's leading construction show, 8 - 14 April 2019 in Munich, Firestone and Binder+Co will present their new developments and display their product range for these challenging applications. Firestone Industrial Products is co-exhibitor at the booth of their parent company Bridgestone (hall A6, stand 218). The Binder+Co stand is located in Hall B2, Booth 213.