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Firestone Marsh Mellow Spring Solutions offer higher productivity, longer lifetime and quieter performance for Binder+Co screening machines

Bivitec screening machines are mounted on Marsh Mellow hollow rubber springs to ensure low noise and long life.
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Bivitec screening machines are mounted on Marsh Mellow hollow rubber springs to ensure low noise and long life.

For 30 years Binder+Co has been mounting Marsh Mellow™ hollow rubber springs from Firestone Industrial Products on its screening machines. A decision that has proven itself. For example, the Bivitec screening machines with Firestone Marsh Mellow springs show a lower vibration transfer to the support structure, and very good run-out behaviour when switching off the machine (low swing-out amplitude, good damping properties).

For around 30 years Binder+Co has been offering stationary and mobile screening machines with Firestone Marsh Mellow springs, making it one of the pioneers in the vibration damping of screening systems. The hollow rubber springs installed in the machines are leading to crucial advantages in terms of durability, productivity, noise reduction and maintenance and allow the construction of light to heavy range of equipment.

Binder+Co is one of the world's leading manufacturers of machines and equipment for the processing of primary raw materials and recyclables. In the area of ​​screening technology, Binder+Co offers a broad product range − from linear vibration, circular and heavy-duty screening machines to one of the most successful and efficient screening machines on the international market, the Bivitec flip flow screen for bulk materials which are difficult to screen such as moist coal or recyclables. All these screening machines have one thing in common: They are predominantly mounted on Marsh Mellow hollow rubber springs from Firestone.

"We install the Marsh Mellow springs from Firestone in about 90 % of our screening machines. They provide a robust and reliable vibration isolation solution, so we've been using them since 1988. Amongst others, our customers value the long lifetime and the low machine downtime. Unlike steel springs, Marsh Mellow springs offer special benefits in terms of run-out performance, durability and CE conformity”, says Franz Anibas, Head of Engineering screening technology at Binder+Co in Gleisdorf, Austria, and continues: “In addition we are equipping about 10 % of our screening machines with Firestone double-convolution air springs, which roughly halve the dynamic loads compared to Marsh Mellows and provide further significant reduction of the vibration transmission to the steel structure.”

Marsh Mellow springs, developed and manufactured by Firestone Industrial Products, are fabric-reinforced hollow rubber cylinders without compressed air and are virtually indestructible. They protect systems from the effects of structurally transmitted vibrations and are an effective, passive isolator with superior benefits compared to steel springs.

Marsh Mellows springs are used in a wide range of screening machine technology. They absorb the vibration energy of the screen deck and cause the dynamic loads transmitted to the support structure of the machine, or to the ground, to drop by an insulation value of approximately 90 - 95 %.

"Due to the low natural frequencies of the Marsh Mellow springs, they offer excellent isolation of the dynamic loads in the frequency range of 750 - 1200 cycles per minute (12.5 - 20 Hz)," explains Thomas Vermeulen, EMEA Industrial Sales Manager at Firestone Industrial Products in Arnhem. "The variable spring rate of the Marsh Mellow springs allows for nearly constant vibration isolation over a wide load range."

A big advantage for the operators of the Binder+Co screening machines is that Marsh Mellow springs are almost maintenance-free because they contain no moving parts. Their shelf life is up to 10 years, in some cases even up to 15 years. Usually a routine replacement is recommended after about five years. The exchange is usually extremely easy and fast.

Corrosion, dirt, moisture − all this does not affect the function of the Marsh Mellow springs in the least. Even if their height decreases over the years, they do not cause any fundamental problems or machine failures, as can happen with steel springs. Marsh Mellow springs can not break or splinter like metal springs and one of their big advantages is the higher safety for the operator: Exposed steel springs can be quite dangerous; many fingers have been jammed in them. This can not happen with Marsh Mellow springs.

Marsh Mellows springs are available in numerous specifications, but only certain types are suitable for use in screening machines. "For hollow rubber springs it is important to use the right type, otherwise the load and deflection will not be right", explains Franz Anibas. "Depending on the screening machine and performance requirements, it must be calculated individually which product best meets the requirements. Firestone's experts provide us with a highly competent service at all times and provide advice when it comes to specifying components for new products. We really appreciate that."

At the upcoming Bauma, the world's leading construction show, 8 - 14 April 2019 in Munich, Firestone and Binder+Co will present their new developments and display their product range for these challenging applications. Firestone Industrial Products is co-exhibitor at the booth of their parent company Bridgestone (hall A6, stand 218). The Binder+Co stand is located in Hall B2, Booth 213.