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Bauma 2019

Hydraram B.V. has been producing equipment for the demolition and recycling industry since 1993. In 2018 we celebrated our 25th anniversary.  


During the Bauma 2019 we will present our completely renewed line of demolition equipment. In recent years our engineers have kept the entire line of attachments up to the light and could improve the equipment at some points.

Which series have been changed?

HCC series Demolition Crushers

HCS series Combi Cutters

HSS series Scrap Shears

HFP series Concrete Pulverizers

HFP-M series Concrete Pulverizers with integrated magnet

HRP series rotatable Concrete Pulverizers

HDG series Demolition & Sorting Grabs

HCC, HCS, HSS, HFP and HRP series in general, what has changed?

The attachments have gained more strength and we improved the cycle times (open / close).

By using hydraulic cylinders with higher working pressures we have been able to increase the power of the attachments by 22 and in some cases up to 35%. Furthermore, the speed valves mounted on the cylinders are optimized so that cycle times were improved. Because Hydraram mounts the speed valves externally on the outside of the cylinder, they are easily accessible for service and maintenance.

HCC series (additional changes)

The HCC series features a new type of changeable penetration teeth that were already applied in the HCS series. These teeth have a better penetrating ability in concrete, which has further optimized the creaking force of the crushers. The combination of these modifications resulted in a 35% greater efficiency of the scissors.

In addition to the conventional jaws which are fitted as standard in the HCC series, we also offer the so-called "HPJ" jaws, where HPJ stands for "high penetration jaw". As the name suggests, these shorter jaws have been designed to be able to transfer even more force to the object to be demolished. Because the jaws are shorter, the leverage law (F1 · r1 = F2 · r2) is converted in favor of the force at the tip of the jaws.

The Hydraram HPJ jaws have up to 30% higher penetration force than the standard HCC jaws.

Furthermore, the new HCC series can be equipped with an automatic lubrication system.

HFP-M series

The HFP series pulverizers with integrated magnet was developed in 2018, the Bauma 2019 is the first fair where this magnet will be on display.

This integrated magnet works on the 24 volt system (batteries) of the excavator, so no additional alternator is needed and is therefore easy to install. The magnet function can be switched on by the excavator's operator to easily collect the remaining concrete reinforcement steel at the construction site during crushing of the concrete. Furthermore, the magnets are equipped with a "quick release system", so that the metal is immediately ejected as soon as the magnet is switched off.

HDG series Demolition & Sorting grabs, what has changed?

The range has been extended to 25 models from 75 to over 14,000 kg for excavators from 1 to 250 tonnes. The new HDG series is characterized by the low construction method, more powerful inner cylinders with end damping, only 4 turn / hinge points and 2 reinforced rotation motors for greater torque.

Of these novelties Hydraram will present the following attachments "Live" on the Bauma 2019:

HCC series: HCC-24V, HCC-32V, HCC-42V, HCC-58V, HCC-72V, HCC-95V

HCS series: HCS-28U HCS-72U

HFP series: HFP-22V HFP-48V

HFP-M series: HFP-28VM

HRP series: HRP-32V HRP-82V

HSS series: HSS-14RV HSS-45RV

HDG series: HDG10R HDG-46R HDG-210R HDG-820R

As you can see, the Hydraram products have evolved over the past years,

Hydraram = Demolition Evolution!


Source: Hydraram