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BF 200: Bomag’s most compact asphalt paver

The minimum paving width of the Bomag BF 200 is just 110 centimetres. As the smallest of all the compact city pavers, it is conquering completely new application areas in urban road construction: for example, paving between tram lines. The unique 2-platform concept also makes it ideal for use in highly sensitive areas such as pedestrian subways.


Bomag developed the BF 200 specifically to meet road construction needs in city centres. Its variable paving width and two different operator-stand heights allow for flexible adaptation to urban conditions. The paving width starts at 1.10 metres and can be extended incrementally to a width of 3.40 metres, short setup times due to Bomag’s proven Quick Coupling system, and rapid heat-up times thanks to the effective Bomag Magmalife screed technology. This enables the BF 200 to achieve a maximum paving rate of 200 t/h. The machine can also be transported with the attached screed extensions.

The BF 200’s unique feature is its minimum paving width of 1.10 metres. For the first time, this even enables asphalt paving between rail tracks using pavers.  Bomag's new City paver also successfully handles other common urban paving scenarios, significantly improving inner-city asphalt quality - particularly in areas that could previously only be paved by hand.

A 55 kW Kubota engine ensures sufficient power inside, while the diesel engine already meets the European Stage V emissions standard. This makes the machine efficient in terms of consumption and at the same time a future-proof investment, as stage V compliance means it already fulfils the emissions standards required from 2020. The BF 200 also features the practical Bomag Ecomode. Active engine management automatically adjusts the engine speed and provides power when it is needed. Otherwise the Ecomode reduces the power automatically. A further advantage is not only the reduced fuel consumption and emissions, but also the lower noise level, especially in urban areas.

Best overview from two platforms

Another new and unique feature of the BF 200 is its 2-platform concept. This allows the operator to choose between two platforms of different heights. The higher platform provides an excellent all-round view. The lower platform allows the operator to stand upright comfortably, even when working in a confined space above such as on urban roads or rail underpasses. Paving work in low subways in particular benefits from the innovative 2-platform design.

Furthermore, the operator has a complete overview on both sides thanks to the redundant control lever on the left and right. This means the BF 200 can be controlled just as ergonomically and accurately on the left as on the right, depending on which side of the paver the asphalt joints have to be monitored.

The BMF 200 will be available in Europe and the USA from the end of 2019. Other global market launches will take place step by step.

Source: BOMAG GmbH