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Zero exhaust gas: Bomag Light Equipment with battery backpack

At bauma 2019, Bomag will present trial studies on Light Equipment with electric drives. A unique feature of Bomag’s battery-operated Light Equipment is that the battery is carried on the operator’s back – like a rucksack with an ergonomic carrying frame. A quick-change system allows operation of either a tamper or a vibratory plate with the same battery, significantly reducing the cost of purchasing electrical equipment. The use of an electric motor, on the other hand, completely eliminates exhaust gases. At the same time, the operation and maintenance of electrical equipment is even easier than with combustion engines.


Bomag's study of emission-free Light Equipment machines completely eliminates exhaust fumes. This allows users of hand-guided compaction equipment to use it even in poorly ventilated spaces, such as for earth compaction in deep trenches, or to work in enclosed spaces like in car parks. The use of low-emission or even zero-emission electrical equipment is becoming increasingly popular, especially on inner-city construction sites.

The real highlight of the study on electric hand-held compaction equipment such as tampers or vibratory plates, however, is on the operator's back: The battery is not integrated in the machine, but carried as a backpack. The operator can use it to power either an electric tamper or an electric vibratory plate. Because the battery constitutes a large part of the capital outlay, the externally carried power unit reduces acquisition costs. Furthermore, several Light Equipment machines can be universally supplied with power by means of an exchangeable rechargeable battery.

The battery features a quick-change system so that no time is lost when switching between the electric Light Equipment machines. The power source is plugged from one machine to the other in an instant. In addition, the operation and, above all, maintenance of electrical devices is generally easier. For recharging, the battery is simply connected to the mains.

At Bomag, designing construction machines that are optimally tailored to customer requirements is part of the company's philosophy. This is why Bomag pursues new developments in close cooperation with its customers. Bomag looks forward to discussing the opportunities and benefits of electrically powered Light Equipment with its customers at bauma 2019.

Source: BOMAG GmbH