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On the occasion of Intermat 2015, Montabert incorporates the Blue Line range into its own products range, under the brand Montabert.


Launched in 2009, the Blue Line range has experienced a great success thanks to its excellent price-quality ratio. Montabert has in this way reinforced its market share on the entry-level equipment’s segment.

The Blue Line range currently consists of five nitrogen chamber type breakers designed for use with 10- to 40-ton carriers.

In order to clearly identify these breakers as part of the Montabert range, the Blue Line will now be marketed with branding very similar to the existing hydraulic breaker ranges. There are several reasons behind this decision:

  • ​Like other Montabert rock breakers, the Blue Line breakers were entirely designed, developed and produced at the plant in St Priest (Rhône, France)

  • All critical parts are manufactured in this same factory

  • All breakers also undergo final assembly and bench-testing at the St Priest plant

The breakers will thus soon be swapping their traditional blue color for the famous Montabert green. The Blue Line range will keep its name and product designations. In just five years, these breakers have built a solid reputation for reliability and productivity and will continue to satisfy customers in the field under their new colors.

The technical specifications are provided in the brochure on the USB flash drive, under the “technical datasheets” tab. For more information about Montabert and Montabert products, please visit

Source: Montabert; Flint Group