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Carrier X for harsh environments

From this spring, the versatile disc cultivator Carrier X can be equipped with a slurry kit, making it possible to mix in slurry together with the soil cultivation. Carrier X thereby performs a cost-effective high capacity mixing of the slurry.


- In conjunction with stricter environmental regulations, we have noticed an increased demand to make use of a greater proportion of the nitrogen in the liquid fertiliser. By mixing it at the time it is deposited, more nutrients become available for the subsequent crop, says Magnus Samuelsson, concept developer at Väderstad.

In order to adapt to the harsh environment associated with fertiliser delivery, the Carrier X can be fitted with a new slurry kit. The package includes a galvanised frame, carbon rod protection, an hydraulic wing lock and stainless steel hydraulic couplings.

- The result is a machine with a very long working life even in demanding environments, says Magnus Samuelsson, and continues:

- In the field, Carrier X with slurry kit provide the same high quality working result as the rest of the Carrier family. As always, the conical discs arranged in an x-formation offer a very effective mixing at the same time as the machine always travel in a straight line behind the tractor.

The slurry distributor head and spreader equipment need to be supplemented from an external supplier, such as Vogelsang.

Carrier X with slurry kit will go into production in the first quarter of 2017.

Source: Väderstad