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Celebrations for CIFA’s 90th anniversary, the Museum’s new look and a Special Edition machine

The logo emerging from the concrete represents the solidity that CIFA has been confirming every day since it was established. This is the image that we have chosen to celebrate our 90th anniversary during the last week of September, concomitantly with the restyling of the CIFA Museum, the launch of a Special Edition vehicle-mounted pump, and special events organised for our partners and employees.


The refurbishment of the Museum – member of the Museimpresa association – at the company’s headquarters in Senago was the perfect opportunity to take a walk through our 90 years of history, from a family business to an international company with 600 employees and several branches all over the world.

The focus of the restyling was on innovation. In fact, the museum now has two new areas dedicated to hybrid technology and carbon fibre, the two solutions that best represent the evolution of CIFA products over the past few years. In addition to the traditional timeline of our history, the area dedicated to vintage machines, and the experiential section that simulates a construction site, the visit to the museum becomes interactive thanks to a new application that provides a 3D simulation of a CIFA E9 truck mixer, one of our flagship models in the hybrid range of the Energya series. A groundbreaking project in the concrete distribution sector, which allows you to save a considerable amount of money and energy while reducing noise and CO2 emissions.

“The restyling of our museum was “Driven by Innovation”, not only to create cutting-edge solutions but also to provide our customers with added value, anticipating their needs and ensuring their safety,” said CIFA CEO, Davide Cipolla. “That’s why CIFA is telling its story through the solutions and machines we have developed over the years and through what we do best: innovation.”

The Special Edition machine

We also organised many initiatives for our employees, partners, and clients. In particular, we have dedicated a unique and truly special product to our clients: a special edition of truck mounted pumps available in three models, K42L, K45H, and the new K47H, which will be introduced in the standard Carbotech series later on. The K47H model is currently the longest and lightest pump on the market and can be installed remaining in the European legal limit of 32 tonnes on 4 axles. Matt anthracite grey, metallic CIFA orange, and metallic Carbotech grey are the three colours that make this 90th anniversary pump unique and memorable. That’s why each unit has a celebratory plaque with the serial number. The 90th anniversary logo is an additional special feature for the occasion.

Our History

It was the 7th of July 1928 when founder, Carlo Ausenda, signed the articles of incorporation of CIFA - Compagnia Italiana Forme Acciaio. Despite the Great Depression of 1929, CIFA introduced the innovative steel formwork, which soon replaced the traditional timber one.

During the years after the second world war, concrete became the material par excellence for infrastructure, industrial and residential buildings. CIFA seized the opportunity immediately, launching two new products in the late ‘50s, which led to considerable changes in the sector’s industrial process, i.e. concrete mixing systems and “400”, the first truck mixer.

During the ’70s, CIFA designed “554”, its first truck mounted pump, becoming one of the world’s pump manufacturers. The truck mixer pump is certainly one of the most revolutionary innovations introduced by CIFA. For the first time ever, one single machine could transport concrete and cast it in the construction site. CIFA’s first mixer pump was launched in 1974, while 1983 was the year of “Pompuno”, equipped with a 2- or 3-section boom at the front and a transverse pumping unit with an innovative S-valve. In 1987, the Spritz System marked the beginning of a revolution in the tunnelling sector, allowing concrete to be cast directly on tunnel walls for the first time.

On 19 September 2008, CIFA became part of the Chinese group Zoomlion, stepping officially into the global scenario.

New materials, electronics, and design. It’s the mix of these three aspects that has given life to the innovative products that CIFA has launched over the past few years. One example is Energya, the world’s first hybrid truck mixer with an electric engine powered by a set of lithium batteries to reduce consumption, noise, and CO2 emissions; the Carbotech range of pumps with a carbon fibre 2-section boom is another example.

Source: Cifa S.p.A.