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CIFA expands its eco friendly range "Energya" realizing the world's first hybrid truck mixer pump

CIFA will present Magnum MK28E at Bauma 2019 (outdoor area, stand FS905/2): less consumption, more respect for the environment, high performance.


CIFA confirms its mission according to which sustainability is one of the guiding values in the development of new products, expanding the range of the hybrid/electric range Energya with a new machine: the truck mixer pump Magnum MK28E.

CIFA - undisputed market leader for this type of machine after having been its creator in 1974 - makes a further evolution of the p roduct. Magnum MK28E, which will be exhibited at the stand of the Zoomlion Heavy Industry group (outdoor area, stand FS905/2), is the world's first plug - in hybrid truck mixer pump: less consumption, less noise, more respect for the environment and high performance in line with CIFA standards.

CIFA continues to expand the Energya range with this new product. A design and development path that started in 2011 with the first hybrid truck mixer in the world (E9) - today it is operational in major European cities - and the first hybrid electric engine spritz (CSSE), presented at Bauma 2013 and Bauma 2016, respectively. A range that makes CIFA the only one offering a line of sustainable machines: from transport to concrete pumping co - sustainable characteristics of Magnum Energya MK28E combines the two innovations that distinguish CIFA: hybrid technology and carbon. Hybrid Magnum is characterized by a 7 m³ drum and a 28 m boom with the last two sections made of carbon.

The hybrid technology used enables the truck mixer pump to be activated even when the truck (diesel) engine is switched off. The innovative principle of Magnum Energya's operation turns into concr ete advantages within the construction site or the concrete mixing plant. In fact, the diesel engine of the truck can be switched off and the concrete - mixing pump activated by the electric engine connected to the lithium - ion battery, both during the operat ions of loading in the plant and in the phase of unloading and pumping on the construction site. If necessary, the truck engine is used to recharge the electric battery, thus ensuring operational autonomy to the concrete mixing pump.

The electrically managed functionalities feature 4 main phases:

  • Drum rotation

  • Stabilisation

  • Opening/closing of the boom

  • Pumping

The battery can be charged in 4 modes:

  • directly from the power supply using a battery charger mounted on the machine ( plug - in system);

  • through the external charging column (public or CIFA Fast Charge);

  • through the generator powered by the truck diesel engine;

  • through the KERS system (Kinetic Energy Recovery System), which allows Magnum MK28E to recover the energy during the deceleration phase of the vehicle that would otherwise be lost. MK28E is also characterized by the use of carbon fiber in the realization of the last two sections of the boom.

The choice of carbon (material already in use for the top range of truck - mounted pumps and truck mixing pumps, called Carbotech) is also a sustainable solution. In fact, a lower weight allows lower consumption for the road transport phase, while maintaining structural performance at high levels. The hybrid Magnum is already available on the market, in fact it has already been sold in countries such as Norway and Finland, countries historically sensitive to sustainability issues.

The concrete - mixing truck Energya, 100% green A further progress to be added to the range Energya covers the product concrete mix er. In fact, the first "Zero Emission" concrete mixer on a gas - powered truck chassis specifically designed for use on construction sites for 100% environmental sustainability will also be presented at Bauma.

Source: CIFA SpA