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CIFA will present the new range at Bauma 2019: innovation and sustainability at the centre of the offer

At the stand of the parent company Zoomlion Heavy Industry (outdoor area 905/2), CIFA unveils a world preview of the first hybrid truck mixer pump and the new K67H truck-mounted pump


CIFA will be present at Bauma 2019 at the stand of the Zoomlion Heavy Industry group (outdoor area 905/2) with leading products and novelties of the range, among which Magnum MK28E, the first hybrid truck mixer pump in the world and the new Carbotech K67H truck-mounted pump stand out. CIFA therefore continues along the track already traced by its 90-year history, keeping the focus of its attention on innovation and sustainability and demonstrating with the new range the work of increasing performance, the development of new technologies and the adoption of new solutions aimed at improving the work of its customers.

The construction site is increasingly sustainable

Magnum MK28E is the world's first plug-in hybrid truck mixer pump: less fuel consumption, less noise, more respect for the environment and performance in line with CIFA standards. CIFA continues to expand the Energya range with this new product. A design and development path that started in 2011 with the first hybrid truck mixer in the world (E9) - today it is operational in major European cities - and the first hybrid electric engine spritz (CSSE), presented at Bauma 2013 and Bauma 2016, respectively. MK28E is characterized by a 7 m3 drum and a 28 m boom with the last two sections made of carbon. The hybrid technology used enables the truck mixer pump to be activated even when the truck (diesel) engine is switched off. The phases of the drum rotation, the machine stabilization, the opening/closing of the boom and the pumping of the concrete are managed electrically now.

Truck-mounted pumps, the 60-meter segment is extended

After the success of K60H, which has set new market standards, CIFA has decided to expand the offer with two new truck-mounted pumps: Carbotech K67H and Steeltech K63L.

Carbotech K67H

K67H represents the new range for the truck-mounted pumps on display at the stand. The 67-meter segment expansion enriches CIFA's offer of the Carbotech line, which represents the top of the range. K67H is the longest machine ever mounted on a 6-axle truck currently on the market. It has an boom made up of 7 sections with an RRZ folding geometry (that is, it combines a roll-and-fold with a Z-folding boom). The last four sections are made of carbon fiber, a composite material that allows greater stability and length and a total weight of less than 60 tons, thanks to the lightness and resistance that distinguishes it from the rest of the materials.

The standard equipment for this model, as well as for the entire Carbotech range, is particularly rich in accessories: the Smartronic Gold advanced machine management system with ASC stability control (Advanced Stability Control), diagnostics and new electronic functions to facilitate operations on the construction site. It is also distinguished by the CIFA Long Life Top double walled pipes, which combine a high wear resistance with weight containment.

Steeltech K63L

The second truck-mounted pump implementing the offer in the 60-meter segment is K63L, which belongs to the Steeltech range and which offers high customization possibilities. It is mounted on 6 axles, has a weight of less than 60 tons and a 6-section boom with an RZ folding(that is, it combines a roll-and-fold with a Z- folding boom).

The 3 ranges of truck-mounted pumps

CARBOTECH: the top-of-the-range series, characterized by models with a complete configuration already in the standard offer, a 360° electronic management with pumping unit and stabilization control, carbon fiber distribution booms that guarantee strength, lightness, minor oscillations in the processing phases. STEELTECH: configurable models with a wide range of accessories and options. With particular attention to the overall weight, within the European road limits, it is the series with multiple models and configuration variables. CLASSIC: reliable and simple models, standardized in colour and configuration. This series, produced at CIFA Hunan's Chinese plant, is offered in a limited number of models, on selected markets, which do not require diversification in product configurations.

The machines on display

At the stand you can experience first hand not only the novelties, but also the best seller and flagship products in the European market. Carbotech K53H, K47H, Steeltech K42L and ClassicK36C will also be present, in addition to K67H, for the truck-mounted pumps, with numerous technical and technological innovations concerning the addition of technical and electronic features for increased safety and ease of work.

The most innovative model as to the truck mixers will be exhibited: Energya E9 mounted on a gas truck, for a "Zero Emission" construction site, together with the MK28E hybrid Magnum truck mixer pump, belonging to the same Energya brand. Even the underground world will have its corner in the stand, thanks to the presence of Coguaro 4 with Stage 4 Final engine. This is the mixer for underground works, which is part of the complete range of machines for the underground sector designed by CIFA.

Concrete mixing plants, a winning deal

CIFA has combined its experience in this sector with that of Euromecc since 2018, defining a new unique range of stationary and mobile plants, distributed and sold under the brand CIFA by Euromecc that will be present with a dedicated stand, located in the outdoor area 905A/1. A complete range of plants that are able to meet all the requests of the most demanding customer and a service ranging from design, installation, realization to after-sales. The FiveTech 1500B plant model is displayed at the stand with a production capacity of 65m3 /h and which represents the mobile range that stands out for its installation record time and the reduction of costs by not requiring foundation and masonry work.

A new range of financial services aimed at the European market for CIFA customers CIFA's offer is also rounded up by the new range of financial services of Zoomlion Capital Italy, the captive company that offers financial support to customers and partners of the Zoomlion group companies only. This is a portfolio of financial products aimed at the European market which - thanks to the partnership with one of the main European finance vendors, will allow CIFA’s customers and partners to acquire the best equipment on the market at the best possible financial conditions. Many of the services can be tailored to customer's needs and will cover financial leasing, operating leasing and rental.

Source: CIFA SpA