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Columbia’s Most Recent Success Story

One of Columbia’s most recent success stories hails from Raymond of New Jersey. Salesman David Nelson walked into Blick Art Supplies on a routine customer check-in and walked out having solved a problem that had been plaguing this company for a very long time: their warehouse was in dire need of a vehicle that could retrieve parts from tight areas, something for which a forklift is much too large and cumbersome.


Upon hearing of their problem, David immediately knew what to suggest - Columbia’s IS12 Stockchaser. Although the decision-makers at Blick were initially hesitant, David knew without a doubt that this vehicle would benefit their business greatly and increase their profitability. He contacted Columbia to inquire about obtaining a demo unit, which Columbia was more than happy to provide. (Note: Raymond of New Jersey covered both delivery and return freight costs.) After seeing Columbia’s IS12 Stockchaser in action, Blick quickly placed their order for not just one, but four Stockchasers!

Within the span of a few weeks, this deal went from being non-existent to having four new vehicles ordered. Imagine how much faster the process would have gone If the dealership had had a Stockchaser on hand to demo right away. (They would also have saved the cost of the return freight.)

David firmly believes that the use of the demo unit is what secured the sale for him. Why not be proactive yourself and stock up on vehicles for your company’s demo fleet today? Ask your Sales Coordinator for more details and special pricing options today!