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Comer Industries and Atlas Weyhausen: a new partnership

In June 2015 Atlas Weyhausen GmbH ordered a complete drivetrain for the newly designed compaction roller type AW1070.

Atlas Weyhausen GmbH is an independent, traditional German company and one of the major producers of high quality compact wheel loaders and soil compactors. The main sectors in which weycor machines can be used are: construction industry, horticulture and landscape gardening, agriculture, material handling and recycling.

Vibration Roller AW1070 is a midsize machine with an operation weight of 7,100 kg, a 62 kW engine, available in Tier2 to Tier4, and can be used wherever stable grounds and new paths have to be created: traffic routes, industrial parks, dams and dikes, runways and railway lines.

By the beginning of the project, the goal was defined: the new drivetrain should be very strong, durable and allow a high ratio as well as compact dimensions at the same time.

The drivetrain solution, which was designed on a partnership basis, consists of two main components: the drum drive in the front and the axle with additional planetary gear in the rear. In the front, a 1,700 mm wide drum with diameter 1,250 mm is used, therefore Comer Industries two stage planetary gear with rotating housing PGRF-802 is the best choice. It combines high torque capability of maximum 7,967 Nm with a very compact design and low weight, especially because parking brake is already included. The planetary gear is prepared for plug-in use with hydraulic motor defined by customer.

At the rear, two advanced Comer Industries products have been combined to a special solution: the rigid axle F-128, which bases on a modular system, is fitted to Comer Industries’ planetary gear PG-161 on the input side. This combination is a perfect drive for compactors: high output torque, caused by the sum of ratios of the planetary gear, the axle differential and the planetary gear at the wheel hubs, by minimum need of space. The planetary gear is mounted at the axle input level, and even the hydraulic motor is fixed to the planetary input side at this level.

This solution needs less space compared to standard drop box use. The total ratio of this combination is available from 47.6 up to 90.3 and can be easily increased by using a 2 stage planetary gear instead of a 1 stage planetary gear. The axle is as option fitted with a preloaded limited slip differential or No Spin differential, to guarantee an efficient traction of the compactor on different grounds. To generate a high brake performance, the PG-161 is fitted with RA18 brake type.

In general, the F-128 axle is designed to tolerate maximum dynamic load of 6.6 ton with a maximum output torque of 24.000 Nm.

“Quality and precision: characteristics, that highline our partnership”, said Mr. Evgenij Lemin, Atlas Weyhausen GmbH.

“Comer Industries’ complete driveline solution for soil compactors enables an improved fit between the hydrostatic and the mechanical part of the transmission, minimizing the total cost and featuring compact design and highest ratio available.” said Davide Gasparini, Area Manager Central Europe, Comer Industries.

The complete driveline composed of axle F-128 and planetary drive PG-161, will be on show at Bauma (Comer Industries‘Stand: A4 –139).

Source: Comer Industries