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Comer Industries’ NEW planetary travel drive PGR-3600 for construction equipment

At Bauma in Munich (11-17 April 2016), Comer Industries’ innovative systems based on advanced design and manufacturing for major OEMS will be on display, delivering highest quality and service to customers (Hall A4, Booth 139).


Comer Industries will be introducing the new PGR-3600 series of planetary travel drives, offering the market a more compact and robust solution, that features higher output torque and load capacity, along with increased reliability compared to the past, achieved by using the most advanced materials and up to date machining technology.

This new drive is much lighter and less bulky than its competition range on the same category, as specific and deepened FEM analysis were run during the design phase, followed by bench and field test endurance validation.

Its internal design and flexible layout make the new PGR-3600 series the right choice for a wider range of mobile equipment either as wheel or track drive but also suitable as winch drive for cranes or fixed machinery.

By coupling the PGRF-3603 on show at Bauma (or one of the other PGR series) to a Comer Industries’ differential axle, the company is able to provide a complete transmission package for soil compactors up to 18 tons.

Through the introduction of its intermediate range of wheel drives, the company will also present the new planetary travel and hoist drives catalogue.

The PGR product line consists of nine different sizes, ranging from 10,000Nm to 110,000Nm of peak output torque, available with two or three reduction stages and suitable for the most common cartridge or SAE hydraulic motors, as well as electric motors.

PGR-3600 features 36,000Nm peak load output torque, 22,500Nm continuous output torque and a FEM M5-T5-L2 @ 25 rpm output torque up to 26,000Nm.

PGR-3600’ key features are:

  • 2 or 3 planetary stages reductions;

  • wide gear ratios selection, from 17 to 181;

  • increased flexibility, as the input fits the most common cartridge axial piston motors from 45 to 107 cm³, flanged axial piston motors and orbital motors. Electric motor input has been foreseen, upon request;

  • spring applied, hydraulically released parking brake (SAHR) as standard. Increased braking torque available on winch configurations, meeting the stricter regulations related to this application;

  • optional mechanical, no oil leaks gear disengagement for emergency situations, such as on-field failures or the machine need to be towed.

Source: Comer Industries