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Complete range of Stage V models and electric G2200E from TOBROCO-GIANT at Agritechnica

At Agritechnica TOBROCO-GIANT will introduce six new (telescopic) wheel loaders between 1,5 and 3,5 tonnes and one new telehandler. With the introduction of these new models, the complete range from TOBROCO-GIANT is compliant with the Stage V emission regulations. In addition, the electric G2200E shows what customers can expect from TOBROCO-GIANT when it comes to the future of zero-emission models.


In hall 6, on a 400 m² stand (B45) TOBROCO-GIANT will present a wide range of new machines for the worldwide market. The wheel loaders, telescopic loaders, telehandler and skidsteer show the investment that TOBROCO-GIANT has made in the development of technologically advanced machines t. In total 13 models will be shown, along with a wide range of attachments to carry out work in an efficient and productive way.

First electric loader

In response to the increasing demand for zero-emission, TOBROCO-GIANT is introducing its first electric wheel loader in the 2.2 tonnes class. The G2200E in the standard-version is equipped with a 250 Ah, 48V lithium-ion battery that fills the space traditionally used for the engine. With two separate electric motors, 6.5 kW to drive the machine and 11.5 kW for the hydraulics, there is always enough power to perform tasks precisely. Furthermore, the machine regenerates energy when it rolls out or drives downhill. With its compact design the electric wheel loader is ideal for indoor applications and work near animals.

Compact powerhouses; G1500, G2200HD+ and G2500 HD

At the same time as the new electric loader TOBROCO-GIANT is showcasing three new articulated loaders. With the G4500 range TOBROCO-GIANT launched last year the first models that are compliant with the upcoming EU Stage V clean engine standards. The G1500, G2200 HD+ and G2500HD are the next machines in line to replace previous generation models in the range between 1,500 and 2,500 kg.

The G2200 HD+ is the top model of the G2200 series and equipped with a Stage V- engine without DOC and DPF system. This means that these models are developed in such a way that they do not have to regenerate. The articulated loader is not only a Heavy -Duty- version, but is also equipped with 8 ton- axles and a planetary final drive. As a result, power is divided on all wheels in the best possible way for more traction and  the machine is given a pulling force of 23,000 N. With a lifting height of over 2.8 meters and tipping load of 1,400 kg the G2200 HD+ is well suited for a wide variety of tasks.

The G2500 HD with an operating weight of 2.400 kg operates in a higher class . The articulated loader is equipped with a 4 -cylinder- Kubota- engine without DOC and DPF and has hydrostatic 4 -wheel-drive, 2 gears and 8 ton planetary axles. Together with the limited slip on both axles, this drive ensures that the wheel loader has sufficient traction (18,000 N) and moves smoothly for precise operation.

The compact design of the G2500 HD makes it possible to work in places with limited space. A limited height of 232 cm also offers the possibility to carry out work indoors. Optionally, the loader can be equipped with a ROPS / FOPS- folding safety roof. This reduces the machine height of 34 cm. The G2500 HD has a lifting height of 2.96 meters and tipping load of 2,050 kg.

New G3500 range

Developed as powerful and reliable machines, the G3500 models are ready to perform in many sectors. Users hereby become a comfortable and safe working environment provided with good visibility for efficient execution of their work. TOBROCO-GIANT will show the standard G3500 and telescopic version, G3500 TELE. The G3500 models are driven by a

66 hp diesel engine in combination with hydrostatic 4-wheel drive with automotive steering and 100% switchable lock on both 14-tonne axles.

The G3500 has a service weight of 3,800 kg and is equipped with a lifting arm with Z-kinematics to ensure a high breakout force and excellent loading heights. The result is a tipping load of 2,300 kg and a lifting height of almost 3,3 meters. With a lifting height of over 4.3 meters, the G3500 TELE is perfect for performing jobs at great height. The compact dimensions ensure that both machines can operate in small spaces and can even be used indoors.

New GT5048 telehandler

Later this year the successful 4548 TENDO HD will be replaced with the new GT5048. At the Agritechnica show TOBROCO-GIANT will reveal the new GT5048. TOBROCO-GIANT has taken the concept of this jack-of-all-trades to a new level and used the extensive knowledge of the TENDO and newest technologies to develop this modern telehandler in the 2x2 meter class. That results in the compact telehandler being only 1.91 meters high and 1.65 meters wide.

The GT5048 is powered by a 36kW/50 HP -Kubota,- diesel engine with catalytic converter (DOC) and soot filter (DPF) that meet the latest EU Stage V clean engine standards. Because of its compactness, four-wheel steering and lifting height of 4.8 meters the GT5048 is perfect to maneuver in tight spaces while lifting materials.

Trusted models

Along with the new models TOBROCO-GIANT is exhibiting various machines that have proven themselves in many industries. Starting with the SK252D skid steer loader. This all-rounder is not only about lifting and transporting food, fertilizers or tools. Due to its compact sizes, the skid steer can reach places where other machines cannot come. This makes the machine extremely suitable for mucking out stables and corridors and for supplying straw or hay.

The G5000 and G5000 TELE will be the largest models on the stand. Both machines are equipped with a 75 hp diesel engine, hydrostatic 4-wheel drive with automotive control and 100% switchable lock on both 16-tons axles. The travel speed can optionally be increased from 20 km/h to 35 km/h. This option provides extra pulling force as well because of the two-speed gearbox. With the G5000 TOBROCO-GIANT will introduce a newly developed cabin for this range that has a modern climate system and creates a comfortable and silent working environment.


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