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Concrete-Mate: big data for cost optimisation and guarantee for steady quality in mix design

The digital revolution enters the world of concrete production. In 2017 Metalgalante launched a unique, revolutionary technology for the concrete industry that improves the quality of concrete produced using Carmix machines. This innovation, called Concrete-Mate, is a Mix Design Manager applying the ‘RMC Plant standard level’ management software, which, using four sensors in the mixing unit, guarantees a top-quality concrete mix complying with international concrete production standards (UNI 206-1 - ASTM – ACI, etc) and total control over production costs.


«By this system – commented Manuela Galante, Marketing Director at Metalgalante – we managed to bring concrete-plant technology into Carmix 3500 TC, our top-of-the-range model. This smart mobile batching plant can guarantee maximum control, consistent performance, high quality standards, work certification and worksite cost monitoring. All these key factors allow our customers to supply a uniform mix design, in line with the most demanding requests from Clients and international concrete production standards».

A digital technology for a perfect certified mix design

Up to 15 different mixes and 99 types of materials can be selected with Concrete-Mate. These elements can be used to obtain multiple combinations to fit any worksite requirement. When the software has stored a mix design, it suggests the operator the dosage of each element, the sequence of operations and the working time for each process step, thus avoiding any possible error. The four load cells inside the mixing unit work as weight sensors precisely where the mixing takes place (RMC PLANT standard level technology). If compared with systems using pressure sensors on the shovel, this system ensures direct control of elements where the mix is made (including the actual weight of water for W/C ratio optimisation), higher accuracy and 3 to 5% weight deviation like in the most sophisticated concrete plants, adding the verification of finished product and the monitoring of operator performance.


Finally, at the end of process the software not only issues a certificate with analytical data of the mix design including the name of Committer, worksite and operator, but also the mixing time, any discard for weight deviation between loaded and theoretical weight and total weight control. Therefore the final product can be traded with great transparency and traceability of the whole batching process. Concrete-Mate also works with a software that autonomously adjusts the moisture of aggregates for recalculating the W/C ratio and loading material dosage, in compliance with concrete production standards.

Management, quality and operating cost control from a remote Internet portal and smartphone app (IPOTweb & IPOTAPP)

The complete digitalisation of Concrete-Mate means a meticulous control of any operation and their quality. The company has developed a web-based control system (IPOTweb) also available on app (IPOTAPP). Benefits: accurate monitoring of production and product quality and perfect control of operating costs, for a clear, immediate return on investment of CARMIX products.

Source: Carmix Metalgalante

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