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Grove GMK4100L-1

Concrete specialist dechant hoch- und ingenieurbau adds a Grove GMK4100L-1

A leading German building contractor, dechant hoch- und ingenieurbau, has added a new Grove GMK4100L-1 to its fleet. The four-axle all-terrain crane features a 100 t capacity and a 60 m boom, and offers best-in-class lifting from its compact chassis. Its combination of power and size makes it ideal for tight working quarters and job sites where maneuverability is needed.


“The crane’s taxi configuration and easy roadability convinced us to add it to our fleet,” said Thomas Dechant, concrete engineer and company officer at dechant hoch- und ingenieurbau. “Even with its 16.00 R25 tires and long main boom, we can drive it on the road with a taxi-load of 5.7 t, which makes getting to the job site much easier and more efficient.”

A recognized leader in exposed concrete construction, dechant hoch- und ingenieurbau now has two Grove cranes, with an RT550E rough-terrain crane also in its fleet. Immediately after receiving the RT550E, the company set it to work on the construction of a large parking garage in Ulm. On site, it is handling tasks such as loading and unloading delivery vehicles or making lifts to aid assembly.

“We chose the RT550E for its pick-and-carry abilities, so we can handle heavy loads and still maneuver the crane,” Denchant said. “It’s a feature we can’t find on all-terrain cranes.”

The RT550E can be fitted with an 8 m fixed swing-away jib that can be set at up to 40°. This allows the crane to handle up to 3.3 t at a hook height of 47 m at a maximum radius of 32 m. With a total vehicle length of less than 12 m, a width of 2.55 m and a weight of less than 29 t, the RT550E is a compact crane that can be easily transported between construction sites.