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Cranab is launching the new Craft W10 power pack

Scandinavia's leading manufacturer of road clearance machines, Cranab in Vindeln, is already starting the spring season with a new product. This is the launch of the new, environmentally classified Craft W1 power pack, including a new engine and an improved proportional control system.


The Craft W10 power pack is installed on wheel loaders and is used with cranes and flails for smaller road networks, where flexibility and productivity are a necessity.

The new Craft W10 power pack is replacing the previous faithful old servant, the Craft 401.

The launch is in line with Slagkraft's engine strategy, with the Craft 401's big brother, the Craft 601, being replaced last year by the Craft W17. The Craft W10 is building on its predecessor, the Craft 401, but is based on a new turbocharged, reliable, efficient and environmentally classified Caterpillar CatC4.4 engine producing 100 hp.

"The new power pack has the same excellent characteristics as its popular predecessor, but with a number of improvements. Crane operation is faster, resulting in increased productivity, while the integrated proportional control system and the monitoring functions for the power pack have been significantly improved," explains Håkan Bergh, Marketing Manager for Slagkraft.

The Craft W10 comes with entirely new monitoring of the hydraulics, and the power pack is now also fitted with an oil cooler. Using a clear colour display in the cab, the operator can continually monitor and receive accurate information regarding e.g. rpm, the status of the hydraulics and any warnings.

Softer characteristics with proportional control system

The new control system that is replacing the previous one is based on a fully proportional solution, with new technology centred on a modern, robust and ergonomic joystick from Parker. The Parker IQAN control system will be standard on all of Slagkraft's power packs.

The aim of Slagkraft's new control system is to improve the driving properties and ergonomics for the operator, as well as speeding up clearance work.. The new control system delivers much more efficient handling and softer operation of the crane and flail.

"The central feature of the control system is that all the functions are controlled proportionally with good co-ordination properties, making the operator's work significantly more natural, simple and ergonomic. This will be noticed in particular in the event of long work sessions," says Håkan Bergh.

Ready for delivery now

Slagkraft's system for road clearance machines is one of the best sellers in Scandinavia, with the models being used in the professional road clearance segment. Cranab's principal aims with the Slagkraft products are operational safety and reliability, which will benefit contractors.

"We believe that our users will experience a good total solution right from the start, with both the new power pack and the control system. We have also enjoyed a good response to this, particularly after the test period and evaluation that we carried out last year with one of our contractors," says Håkan Bergh.

Other aspects that have set the tone in the development work have been service, support and access to spare parts. This has been further reinforced with the new generation of power packs.

Slagkraft's new power pack, the Craft W10, is already on sale and ready for delivery.