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CTE expands partnership in Germany and Austria

Strategic collaborations have always been vital for business growth and expansion in foreign territories. Even more so if the roots of partnerships imply common and long-established goals.


CTE SpA and France Elevateur Group, both well-known aerial platforms manufacturers, combine their technical and sales expertise in an expanded partnership, with the aim to offer to German hirers and final customers products and services highly reliable and customer oriented.

CTE has been working for several years and with great success in France with AB Service (French company of the France Elevateur Group, exclusive distributor of CTE products in France). With this strategic collaboration, CTE will renew its partnership with France Elevateur but this time in German countries, with France Elevateur Deutschland (FED).

Marco Govoni, CTE sales director, says “We work for many years with France Elevateur in France. Now we want our business partnership with the French group to become deeper and even firmer, extending to Germany and Austria. Thomas Rammelt and his sales & service team are driven by a great motivation. We have ambitious projects together and we hope this energy can be transformed into a successful and long lasting collaboration over time”.

Thomas Rammelt, France Elevateur Deutschland CEO, declares “In the last months CTE has redesigned and created its products range in a substantial way. CTE platforms are able to satisfy to the growing customers’ requests and needs. The truck-mounted platforms range goes to 14 to 27 m of working height on 3.5 t, to 32 m on 7,5 t, and High Range to 62 m. Spiderlifts from 13 to 23 m, also electric. In essence, a comprehensive offer for rental companies. We are really excited about the new developments in CTE products and services, and we look forward to tackling this exciting challenge”.


Stéphane Pham, France Elevateur Group CEO, declares “Widening our winning co-operation was a logical and predictable consequence. Both companies offer outstanding technical solutions for our customers and the range of products is not in competition but is embedded in wonder. With this expanded partnership, CTE and the France Elevateur Group have created for their customers an almost capillary network across Europe of relevant reference partners. Germany and Austria are very important markets in Europe, so our sister company France Elevateur Deutschland GmbH, with the guidance of Thomas Rammelt, has opened a new market for us. Through this strategic partnership, both companies CTE and the FE group can benefit in Germany and Austria”.

France Elevateur Deutschland

Source: CTE Spa


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