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Altec DB37

DB37: Efficiency Meets Versatility for Backyard Jobs

Altec’s DB37 is a track-mounted digger derrick designed to easily access work in confined spaces, like a jobsite in a residential backyard. The DB37 has a 3,800-pound maximum lift capacity and a 37-foot pole setting sheave height.

Rated to drive on slopes of up to 15 degrees side-to-side and 15 degrees front-to-back, this backyard derrick can handle many different terrain types. An attachable platform makes the DB37 versatile for various work applications, and the derrick’s continuous boom rotation with an unlimited work zone, allows you to get the job done efficiently.

The size of the DB37 makes it an optimal unit for use in backyard job sites. The DB37 offers an industry-leading, minimum travel width of just 34.5 inches when the tracks are retracted. Also, with a travel height of less than 7 feet, the DB37 can easily maneuver under car ports or low residential roof overhangs to access the work site. The unit’s overall length is 18 feet, which helps operators navigate around obstacles in the backyard, while the low ground pressure of the machine minimizes turf damage. Also, radial outriggers with a narrow spread keep the DB37’s footprint small and allow for an easy set-up of the unit.

Just like every other Altec Digger Derrick, the DB37 is engineered and tested to make sure it is built to last. A feature that is standard on all Altec Digger Derricks, including the DB37, is Altec’s five function Hydraulic Overload Protection System (HOP). During lifting operations, HOP is an important structural protection feature involved in disabling certain unit functions to prevent overload. Although HOP cannot prevent instability or replace an operator’s proper use of capacity charts, it is a valuable tool for monitoring structural limits.

The DB37 also provides the following features:

  • Two speed proportional track

  • Standard hydraulic tilting pole guides

  • Ground pressure below 6 psi

  • Total unit weight under 9,000 lbs

  • Cargo deck with a 3,000 lb capacity which can be used to haul equipment and transformers

  • Electric over hydraulic control system

  • ANSI compliant control system which interlocks when running the unit from the radio remote in the platform


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