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DELTIS 1002 and 1502: Keeping it simple!

KUHN continues to develop its equipment and attachment offering for its mounted sprayer range through the introduction of two new tanks and a new pump for the DELTIS 2 mounted sprayer.

To meet a wider variety of needs, KUHN has expanded the range of attachments for the DELTIS 2 mounted sprayer. Currently available with just one 1300 litre capacity tank, the DELTIS 2 sprayer can now be equipped with a tank with a nominal capacity of 1000 or 1500 litres. These two new capacities have actual volumes of 1130 and 1620 litres.

For high flow spraying or simply faster filling, there will also be a new pump model: a PM 200 piston diaphragm pump with a flow rate of 200 litres/minute. The pumps can deliver 120, 170 and 200 litres/minute respectively.

The new DELTIS 1002 and 1502 models retain the  DELTIS 2 characteristic of being easy to use:

  • It features a MANUSET or DILUSET+ operating panel with just two main valves for intuitive operation requiring just a few actions. The systems require 30% to 50% fewer actions than many competing machines in this segment.

  • A wide choice of new KUHN steel (MTS2) and aluminium (MTA2, MTA3, MEA3) booms with widths ranging from 15 to 24m are also available for this sprayer.

  • The patented OPTIFILLER chemical induction bowl, made of a material that is both durable and resistant to the most aggressive products, is the first flexible chemical induction bowl built into a sprayer. This innovation, exclusive to KUHN, has a capacity of 42 litres when extended and stays within the sprayer footprint when stowed away.

The new pump will be available from June 2019 and the 1000 and 1500 litre tanks will be available from October 2019.