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Discovering the new A160-200 @ 1200X: the ergonomics of the cabin

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A 160-200 X: an immersive 360° video in the cockpit

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Channel name: CARER Electric Forklift Trucks

With this article, we begin a series of episodes that will lead us to discover all the secrets of the new Carer electric trucks with capacities from 16 to 20 tons: today we will analyze the avant-garde equipment that characterizes the operator's cabin, able to ensure the highest standards from the point of view of ergonomics and safety.


The launch of the new A160-20 @1200X is the right opportunity to review all its main features: the efficiency of the new electric trolley, in fact, is not only manifested in its performance, which allows it to compete directly with the most powerful thermal machines in circulation, but also in its ergonomic connotations, which guarantee maximum safety for operators.

A revolutionary aspect in the new born in the Carer house concerns its technological equipment, the result of the most advanced researches of the laboratories of the Ravenna-based company: in particular its instrumentation, at the forefront in the handling sector, specially designed and built to guarantee ergonomics of the driver's seat, safety and ease of maneuver for operators, even during long work shifts.

The cabin

Inside the cabin, you can immediately notice the wide visibility and the great brightness: the view is therefore free even in the points very close to the machine and the operator always has everything under control. The machine is also equipped with an upper operator protection grid, capable of absorbing all the shocks of any loads lost during maneuvers, and there is a very resistant shatterproof glass.

The driving seat

The seat is equipped with a comfortable headrest and has adjustments for positioning with respect to the pedal and armrest, which allow you to always find the most correct working position.

Furthermore, when you sit down, you will hear the noise of the compressor for automatic weight adjustment: a system that avoids wasting time in the passage between one operator and another, during work shift changes.

The armrest is equipped with all the necessary adjustments, such as translation and height adjustment; among its controls, the button for the reversal of direction, the horn and the control panel for the accessories mounted on the machine are distinguished: the transparent defroster, the four arrows, the lights, the wipers and the emergency button.

The steering wheel is adjustable both in height and in inclination, so as to allow the operator to find the optimal position, and is offset from the driver's seat by 50 mm: this position of the steering wheel has been specifically designed to allow continuous use with the left arm, thanks to the comfortable knob, while keeping the right arm on the control armrest.

For the pedal set, in addition to the configuration with the forward and reverse pedals, there are also those with a single pedal and the reverser inserted in the armrest or in the steering wheel, or the double pedal unit with the forward, reverse and tilting functions, with right foot and left foot.

The cabin <br> Image source: CARER Electric Forklift Trucks

The features of the interactive display

The display contains all the information to keep the main data of the machine under control: the position of the wheels, the battery voltage and the percentage of performance; in addition, a camera is also integrated, which is activated automatically when reverse gear is set: clear visual references of the distance of the obstacle are shown on the screen.

In this video, made with the innovative 360° interactive and immersive shooting technique, by clicking on the cursor at the top left it is possible to change the direction of the view of the panoramic images, while the video continues to play.

Source: Carer Srl.