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Even in the Netherlands are asserted the efficiency and ergonomics of Carer electric trucks

The high operational autonomy and ergonomic features of the A80@900X electric forklift are the reasons that convinced a Dutch leader in the building materials sector to enter into a new partnership with Carer.


Struijk Verwo Infra is a Dutch company specialized in concrete products, from bricks to slabs, and is part of the CRH group, the largest complex of companies operating in the building materials sector in North America and the second in Europe.

One of their 8 factories is located in the town of Vlaardingen, in the southwestern part of the Netherlands: the Carer A80@900X electric forklift truck is used here for the concrete brick production line. It is a machine equipped with a double JKB gripper for handling stones, capable of handling 2 blocks of material with a weight up to 2,300 kg per pallet.

In the Vlaardingen factory, which is in function from 6 am to 10 pm and produces 90,000 concrete bricks per day, Carer A80@900X electric forklift series has effectively replaced the previously used diesel machine, showcasing the characteristics of high efficiency and operating autonomy that distinguish it. It accomplishes about 250 runs a day, moving between production and the open construction site, and remains in operation for up to 14 consecutive hours with a single battery; recharging takes place in 6.5 hours, thus allowing you to possibly keep the truck running 24 hours a day for 7 days with just one set of additional batteries.

Thanks to the use of the Carer electric forklift truck, the production of carbon dioxide in the Dutch factory has been significantly reduced and, thanks to its lower noise level, the reduction of vibrations and the absence of exhaust gases, ergonomics of the driver's seat have also been significantly improved.

Source: Carer Srl.