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Doosan pallet fork

Doosan pallet fork attachment overview

For lifting, carrying, and placing materials, Doosan wheel loader customers can easily connect a pallet fork to the machine. Doosan pallet fork attachments are approved for use with Doosan DL200-5 through DL500-5 wheel loaders.

Doosan pallet fork

Features of Doosan pallet fork attachments include:

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    Heavy duty construction: Designed specifically for use with Doosan wheel loaders, the pallet fork is approved for load ratings beyond wheel loader lift capacities.

  • Open carriage: Operators have good visibility to palletized material or pipes for picking up and placing it.

  • Carriage widths and tine lengths: A variety of carriage widths and fork (tine) lengths are available, depending on the Doosan wheel loader model.

    • Carriage widths: 62 or 106 inches

    • Fork lengths: 48, 60, or 72 inches

  • Manual adjustable tines: Operators can adjust forks (tines) to the required width, depending on the material that needs to be moved.

  • Quick coupler mounts: Owners can quickly attach or de-tach a pallet fork attachment and connect it to another Doosan wheel loader.

Doosan pallet fork


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