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Dr Jens Willenbockel and Guido Marenbach take over management from Sven Reinke

The internationally operating front loader specialist STOLL, based in Lengede near Hanover, is setting its sights for the future with the intention of accelerating growth within global markets. With this goal in mind, since 1st of July two new managing directors have taken over the responsibilities from former managing director Sven Reinke.

Two managing directors lead the STOLL Group

Dr Jens Willenbockel, mechanical engineer and MBA, and Guido Marenbach, technical business manager, have jointly taken over the management and planning to continue the international growth of STOLL. As well as having extensive experience from leading German engineering companies, Dr Jens Willenbockel and Guido Marenbach also bring along substantial experience from the commercial vehicle sector and the international automotive supplier industry for their responsibilities within STOLL.

Management of the owner company, Deutsche Mittelstand Beteiligungen GmbH (DMB), including managing directors Peter Welge and Dr Dirk Tetzlaff, wish to show their gratitude by thanking former managing director Sven Reinke for his commitment. Sven Reinke considerably influenced refocusing all sectors of the factory while optimizing the processes. He began at STOLL as commercial director in 2009 and has served as managing director of the STOLL Group since 2012.