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The front-loader specialist STOLL presents its new tool for big bags

Seed products like maize or corn – farmers and contractors use big bags in numerous ways. Now, dedicated for operations with big bags using one or two loops, the leading global front loader manufacturer STOLL has expanded its tool line-up with the BigBag lifter. Thanks to the added hook, drivers can now easily handle loads single-handed with up to 1,000 kg suspended.

Before, tractor drivers couldn’t handle any such loads single-handedly


To date, most of the tools used to lift big bags have been set up for four-loop units, for which a second person has to remain in the working space of the front loader to manually attach the big bag to the four hooks of the tool. This is time-consuming and dangerous work.

Lift up and place down Big Bags without getting out of the cab

The new STOLL BigBag lifter lets the driver handle big bags single-handedly – without even having to descend from the tractor. The exceptionally light and stable bag lifter eliminates all the previously dangerous manual big bag work. “Many international markets are crying out for a implement, with which farmers can handle big bags without having to suspend anything manually. When you have bags with one or two loops, the BigBag lifter is the ideal solution for our customers”, explains Torben Meyer, Key Account Manager at STOLL.

Outstanding driver visibility thanks to a lifting height gain of 1.5 metres

The driver has a good view of all the work – since the BigBag lifter from STOLL can bring the load up to 1.5 metres above the implement pivot point. This additional lifting height gain is key to making the work even easier as well as enhancing safety.