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Easy-to-mount Electro-Hydraulic pump

HP Hydraulic S.p.A, manufacturing plant in the Bondioli & Pavesi group for all pump and motor parts, as well as for Joysticks and electronics, has designed a stylish and modern cover and a central connector on the electronic card to plug only one wiring harness for all inbound and outbound communications of the hydrostatic transmission pump.


Easy Mount: an electric connector collects main communication line (CAN) and all feedbacks needed to the control strategy management and their state monitoring. This single connector simplifies extremely the installation on the machine.

IoT: On the pump could be installed, different sensors in order to improve control functions:

  • 2 low press. sensors on servo

  • 1 low press. sensor on charge system

  • 1 temperature sensor

  • 1 speed sensor

  • 1 angular sensor

  • 1 triaxial accelerometer

All these sensors are connected to the ECU, which is placed under the cover, and that uses all those data to:

  • Achieve more precise control functions

  • Run diagnostic algorithms to find failures, erratic behaviours and recognize preventive maintenance need

  • Share data, through CAN line or Bluetooth connection to external ECUs or to a cloud service (like e.g.: B&P Link). Those cloud connections allow remote control of the device and fleet management of all the machine with those devices installed.


In this years, hydrostatic pumps and motors are evolving to respond to a request of better performances and deeper collaboration with other parts and with machine user. Integration between Hydraulic and Electronic is the solution, allowing the deployment of high-level control functions. As a first step in this direction, all necessary sensors, actuators, ECU and harness are integrated with the pump. A second step is to ease the mounting of this system, and for this reason all electrical connections are grouped in just one plug. Machine manufacturers, in this way, can simplify their mounting process and increase quality level of the complete machine. The one and only connector simplify also testing process. The hood protects the electric components against rough ambient impacts and adds a stylish design to the pump. On top of that, a Bluetooth connection is available to communicate with the Electro-Hydraulic pump. Data can be read and sent and the system is compatible with IoT principles.

Source: Bondioli & Pavesi S.p.A.