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Trelleborg introduces the new Phoenix TPMS system at BAUMA 2019

At this year’s Bauma show, Trelleborg Wheel Systems will be introducing its newest construction tire system to enhance productivity in critical applications and to make the operator’s life easier in the most demanding environments.


The new Trelleborg PHOENIX TPMS system, engineered for construction applications, is a cloud-based system which integrates tire sensors, a central gateway on the machine and on-line platform to fully monitor your fleet operations and to guarantee machine uptime.

Lorenzo Ciferri, VP Marketing & Communication at Trelleborg Wheel Systems, says: “The construction industry is changing fast with increasing focus on predictive maintenance, safety and machine performance to reduce vehicle downtime and increasing operational efficiency. Tires play a fundamental role in overall machine performance, therefore, we want to offer our customers a game-changing solution to ensure that the aforementioned targets will be achieved, having all data under control through a full connection.”

“This is why we decided to develop the Trelleborg TMPS system: Phoenix. In Egyptian mythology, whoever received the gift of the Eye of the Phoenix had the power to predict future events. The tire solution designed by Trelleborg, inspired by this myth, has the capacity to prevent failures and improve maintenance plans as well as the ability to precisely control in real time tires pressure and temperature.”

Phoenix allows operators to measure pressure and temperature every five seconds, providing instant access to vehicle status and monitoring data through a computer or mobile devices. Thanks to the full connectivity and cloud data transmission, the operator can benefit from automated email notifications in emergency situations and personalized vehicle warnings. Each sensor is mounted on the tire with a resistant patch, which guarantees an easy installation. The battery of the sensor has an average life of five years.

The system is available in nine languages and can be configured on all machine models.

Source: Trelleborg Wheel Systems