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EasyClean treatment of ploughs

Kongskilde launches EasyClean coating for plough bodies. It shortens the run-in time for ploughs and does not harm the soil thanks to its bio-degradable properties. EasyClean has been introduced in the Kongskilde plough factory in Överum, where both the Kongskilde and Överum ploughs are manufactured.


It is well-known to farmers that it takes a while to wear the paint off mould boards on a new plough. Soil adherence to mould boards can compromise the result of the ploughing significantly until all paint is worn off leaving shiny mould boards and a smooth soil flow. In order to solve this problem, the engineers at the Kongskilde plough factory in Överum have applied a new and efficient technology.

100 times faster

The EasyClean treatment of mould boards is worn off easily and up to 100 times faster compared to conventional paint. Tests show that this is achieved without compromising the protection of the mould board during transport and storage when compared to conventional paint protection.

Less environmental impact

EasyClean is a 2-layer coating that was originally developed to meet the high standards of protection in the automotive industry. The new coating has less  environmental impact and is compliant with the EU Directive “REACH”, which aims to improve the protection of human health and the environment. 

- We are pleased to introduce ploughs with EasyClean that have shorter run-in time and less environmental impact. It shows our dedication to continuous  engineer products that meet the needs of the farmers and boost their everyday efficiency, says Morten Wittrock Brandt, Group Product Manager at Kongskilde Industries. 

Full treatment

The new EasyClean treatment is introduced for all Kongskilde and Överum plough bodies that have been produced from February this year and onward. Plough bodies for replacement parts sales will also be treated with EasyClean.