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New explosion proof Kongskilde RVS separator

Last year Kongskilde Industries introduced a new generation RVS Multiseparator for process waste separation. At this year's Drupa they are following up with an ATEX-certified version.


After the successful launch of the RVS Multiseparator in 2015, Kongskilde can now provide a competitive solution for demanding environments with its new ATEX-certified model. Many industrial companies and insurance providers are looking to minimise the risk of dust explosions in conjunction with the production and processing of paper, cardboard, plastic and special applications within biofuel, for example, and the new separator makes for an attractive option in these areas.

Dust not a problem

The new RVS ATEX separator is built from explosion-proof components so that it fulfils requirements in explosion classes ST1 and ST2 and the ATEX standards non-zone, zone 22 and 21. It is a very secure solution even in high-dust conditions. Kongskilde makes both an indoor- and outdoor model. 

"We see a trend towards increasingly stringent requirements regarding dust explosion-proofing. At Kongskilde we have a high level of expertise when it comes to customising installations depending on what items need removal and explosion-proofing requirements," says Peter Grathwohl, Sales Director for Kongskilde Industries.

Complete waste separation

The RVS ATEX Multiseparator is part of Kongskilde's pneumatic systems designed to convey waste from plastic, paper, cardboard and paperboard, such as trims, off-cuts and skeletons from die cutters. Suction is used to remove waste products from the production line, and these are then transported through a pipe system to the multi-separator, which separates out the waste. 

Natural product development

The ATEX version is the latest advance in the line of RVS Multiseparators, which underwent a large-scale upgrade last year. The RVS Multiseparator series now includes three variants that can process 5,000, 10,000 and 20,000 m3 of air an hour, respectively. The largest model can handle up to 4,000 kg of paper or plastic waste an hour. 

The RVS Multiseparator is pressure-resistant and can tolerate high vacuum pressure, resulting in a particularly effective separation of waste and air stream. This is due to a unique and low-noise construction with tight sealing rubber lips. And the design makes it especially easy to service.